You Got This!

We’ll help you focus ONLY on what matters and avoid the overwhelm and time suck of trying to figure out all the LIVE Video TECH options!

Not to mention trying to figure out how to increase views, engagement and sales, right?!?

When you don’t get bogged down with trying to do it all yourself, then your personality and your brand has room to SHINE so that you don’t get lost in the crowd!

Don’t worry… you got this!!!

Let’s do it together!

4 Step LIVE Video Strategy

that will earn trust, build credibility, and help you create a deeper connection with your audience

STEP 1: Tech Strategy

…whether you’re using your phone or a TV quality studio!

Creating a LIVE Video strategy that’ll ultimately get you sales… starts with the VISUAL EXPERIENCE!

  • Take PRIDE in your LIVE videos
  • GET AHEAD of your competitors!


Step 2: Content Strategy

  • Create Purposeful Content
  • Be fully YOU on camera
  • Get Engagement


Step 3: Promotion Strategy

  • Get more VIEWS
  • Get viewers to COME BACK
  • Use LIVE Video Bots


Step 4: Sales Strategy

  • Sales for your Product Launches
  • Consistent sales throughout the year
  • Fiercely LOYAL Customers!



Luria and David helped me create my biggest money making income stream using LIVE video. They took me from complete beginner and had me up and running in a professional setup in no time!!
Joe Colantonio

David and Luria are the best in the live streaming space and absolutely hands down have the most knowledge. I applied just ONE of their strategies to my show, and saw a 75% increase in engagement. That was absolutely incredible!
Vicky Lashenko

Live Streaming Pros takes multi-million dollar budgets and workflow ideas, and trims that and makes that accessible to an individual broadcaster. That’s powerful! You have a great gift having Luria and David as your instructor!
Mario Armstrong
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