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From services to products, here are some of our favorites to help you with your live streams and running your business! Some links are affiliate links, but you can be sure we only include services & products we use and trust. We appreciate your support!

copyright free Music

30 Day Free trial!

If you want to play music in your live streams or recorded videos, you MUST have royalty free music, or your video will get taken down by YouTube & Facebook (watch a video on this topic here)Epidemic Sound has an amazing collection of songs in every genre you might want! 


Free trial!

Searchie transcribes your videos and allows you and your customers to search videos and be taken directly that point in the video (no need to scrub to find what you’re looking for)! And Searchie Hubs is a course and membership platform that integrates the powerful Searchie capabilities into one place!

create Personalized videos easily

14 day free trial!

Bonjoro is a vital part of our business! Send personalized videos to your audience or customers to create massive loyalty and trust. Bonjoro automates the process so all you have to do is hit record for a 30 second video!

ecamm - live streaming software for mac

14 day free trial!

Ecamm on a Mac allows you to create more professional LIVE Streams! Add graphics, share your screen, play videos in a stream, show viewer comments and lots more! Access our Ecamm training here.

vmix - live streaming software for pc

60 day free trial!

vMix on a PC is an incredibly powerful software that lets you run a TV show as a one person show!


Stream live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others – at the same time.


free trial!

Streamyard allows you to get started super quick with live streaming through the browser (no downloads). Share your screen, add comments & do simple interviews. Watch the tutorial video here.

Gear Finder

This personalized shopping list will allow you to get higher quality video with a simple setup… and gain confidence and INSTANT Credibility!

Shutter Encoder

If you ever need to convert an MP4 or MOV file to WebM, this app for Mac and PC makes it super easy! Here’s a tutorial that explains how to do it.