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Teleprompter Mastery

So that you can confidently shift from awkward reading to impactful delivery & increased revenue!


What you’ll learn


You're Prompting Wrong!

If you’re reading this, it’s because you thought using a teleprompter would ease your workflow… until that awkward moment when you saw yourself using it! 

Whether you’re a Course Creator, Zoom User, Content Creator, Online Teacher, Online Entrepreneur – This training is for you. Mastering your teleprompter is more than just a skill – it’s a powerful way to serve both you AND your audience!

We All Start Somewhere!

Let’s rewind the clock about 18 years – back to my early teleprompter learning days. Brace yourself because this clip is a real throwback (and yes, it’s a bit torturous for me to watch LOL)! I definitely wasn’t the teleprompter pro I am today, but let me tell you, it was a journey paved with LOTS of practice, heaps of trial and error, and, oh yes, a generous serving of humility.

Fast forward from that clip to now – I’ve woven my way through creating thousands of videos, gaining over 1 Billion views! I’ve been made appearances on CNN, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, and BBC; spoken at CEX, VidSummit, Social Media Marketing World, and been on stage with Tom Green, Penn Jillette, Norm MacDonald and many others. I’ve been the on camera host for million dollar productions with top brands like AT&T, Samsung, GoDaddy, and Panasonic. I’ve designed & built video studios for influential figures such as Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Donald Miller, Stu McLaren, Michael Hyatt, and many others!

My point is, we all start somewhere, and our starting line is never as glorious looking as our finish line – but with the right help, we can get to the finish line a lot quicker, and easier. SO! Let me share my knowledge, and insider insights to help you master the teleprompter like a seasoned professional! Elevate your video presence to a whole new level, connect authentically, and captivate your audience effortlessly!

Teleprompter Mastery

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Then this training is for you!

Teleprompter Mastery

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The training you need to quickly create successful videos, live streams, webinars & Zoom presentations!

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