Why your Facebook LIVE videos are sideways – Live Streaming Pros

Why your Facebook LIVE videos are sideways

Learn step by step how to go live on the Facebook Mobile App, either iPhone or Android!

And you’ll find out why your Facebook live videos are sideways!

NOTE: The one thing about Android that’s different is that there is no “wrench & screwdriver” option, so you can’t flip the screen.





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39 thoughts on “Why your Facebook LIVE videos are sideways”

  1. Kerry – you said you got it to work by following the ‘order stipulated here’ but there are so many posts and suggestions, would you might clarifying the exact steps that worked for you. Nevermind if you’re not using an iphone 11. That’s the only device not working for me. Thank you!

  2. Still an issue. I’m a competent tech guy/filmmaker, but FB Live mode will not reflect my landscape orientation, no matter what I do or when I do it. It’s infuriating, IMHO…

    1. Try this. Hit the live button on Facebook in the app. Then add your title etc. Once that is done and you are ready, THEN rotate your phone to landscape. Make sure that you do NOT have orientation locked in your main settings of your phone, as that can cause it not to rotate. Let me know if that helps.

      1. I followed your directions for Facebook Live on iPhone 11, and when I rotated to landscape the picture stretched into a crazy distortion. Help!

      2. this worked for me thank goodness!!! Nothing else was working – super frustrating – so the trick is to press the live button, turn the phone (in my case iPhone) THEN actually go ‘live live’ – thank you – this is the only fix I have seen that works 🙂

      3. Hey I’m trying everything on 8plus both options.
        After I hit go live regardless if I started in landscape or portrait it’s send a message to not rotate my phone during recording. Can’t get it to stay in landscape mode for live feed

      4. Derek Bernard

        You are an effing genius. This was driving me out of my mind. Adding a title was the fix!

  3. I see a difference if I am using my front camera or my back camera on my iPhone 11. The back cameras work in landscape, but the front/selfie camera does not seem to want to.

  4. I start my live videos in landscape mode and it appears to record fine and then posts it sideways. Very frustrating- using iPhone 11 Pro ,

  5. Jamie Kelly

    I have turned my phone to landscape and then tried to start the live and it won’t. I was doing it fine and I can turn my phone and it does landscape but not in live. I’ve checked locked screen, it’s on standard and I start when it’s in landscape. Help

  6. Honestly, you think it’s the easiest problem to fix.
    I have an iPhone 11 and it will not do landscape mode on FB live.
    It works fine on other phones, but not mine.
    The turn-your-phone-sideways answer isn’t it.
    I have found no answers to this problem yet.

    1. You’re definitely doing something wrong. I have the iPhone 11 as well, and can go live in landscape no problem. When you open the app, try starting in landscape, and see what that does. Let us know.

      1. Larry Bowers

        I have been shooting video for years and I am pretty tech savvy. I have been researching for days on this issue to figure this out. I thought I had a fix and it worked the first time I tried it, but on the day to go live streaming it still went to portrait mode. Can you go over it step by step so the ones of us that still have the problem can see what you do? If you can shoot video of it and post it that would be good.

    2. I had the same problem with my iPhone. I turned my phone into landscape mode before I started my live feed, and my video still came out sideways. Obviously, there is some kind of bug or something more to this, and blaming people for “doing something wrong” is not helpful. I have successfully shot video for YouTube and my website, and I only have this problem with Facebook.

      1. Have the very same issue have tried locking screen but the second I bring up Facebook it turns no way Rou d it very frustrating

    3. I am having the same problem with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I have even deleted the app and reinstalled and still no luck. And yes, I have check to see if the landscape mode is on lock, it is not.

  7. I have tried EVERYTHING to get my iPad to livestream to Facebook in widescreen/landscape format. I have tried turning the iPad before opening the Facebook app, before starting the recording, I have tried locking the screen, etc., etc., and no matter what I do, I get that silly prompt telling me to turn the iPad upright before recording. If I don’t turn, it records sideways.
    We buy all of these HD/widescreen tv’s and computer monitors and phones and tablets, and STILL they want us recording in stick mode? I just don’t get it.

    By the way, I can easily do Facebook live in widescreen on my Windows tablet and on my Samsung phone. But the iPad refuses to do it.

    1. Unfortunately, FB gets very buggy, and we’re seeing several people complain about problems just like you’re describing unfortunately. Report it to Facebook every time and for now, just use the devices that are working. I know that’s a sucky answer, but when FB acts up, there’s not much you can do. 🙂

    2. How do you get your Samsung to work mine flips as soon as I go to Facebook

  8. So frustrating as I cannot get my iPhone to turn in horizontal mode while in Facebook no matter what I do. What gives?

    1. Do you have the Screen Rotation lock on?

      If that’s off, then open the FB app, then click on start a live post, THEN turn to landscape, THEN go live.

      1. That option isn’t working in Facebook Pages Manager right now. I’m on an iPhone X with all the most recent updates. The regular Facebook app will switch to landscape before going live. But not the Pages Manager. And this is a massive problem because I prefer to use Pages exclusively for going live on my page so that I don’t accidentally go live on a personal profile or in a group!

      2. THANK YOU! Your comment solved the problem. I was clicking live when I was already in landscape, and it wasn’t working. You have to do it in the order you stipulate here and then it works. Thank you again. This has been a headache we have been trying to resolve for several days.

      3. Thanks a lot. I was about to give up. Simple solution once you know the right combination.

  9. Hilarious. “MUST turn your phone into landscape mode BEFORE you go live”….and then doesn’t tell you HOW TO DO IT! Not very helpful for a ‘how to’ video.

    1. David Foster

      It’s pretty clear to me. You don’t know how to put your phone into landscape mode?!? If not, then you may need more help than we can offer. 😀

        1. That wasn’t nasty and arrogant, it was just to the point, as I try to answer things as quickly as possible to move on to the next topic.

      1. Libby Davis

        I completely heard your reply with the smile on your face as you posted. You answer was just fine!

    2. Do you really not know how to rotate your phone sideways? It’s actually taking the device in your hand and turning it 90 degrees. Does that help?

  10. That is pretty clear to me. Do you not know how to rotate your phone into landscape mode?? If not, then you may need more help than we can offer. 🙂

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