Get RESULTS quicker! Let’s bring your LIVE videos to the Pro Level!

  • Workshops: Single focused in-depth trainings (go at your own pace)
  • Implementation Programs: Comprehensive program that goes super deep into LIVE Video Tech & Strategy
  • Coaching: Weekly coaching to help you stay up to date on the fast-paced changes, and get your questions answered!



Get everything you ​​​​need to use professional LIVE Video! Includes step-by-step training, access to 12 years of LIVE video knowledge, a supportive community and a safe place to practice what you learn!

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Expert Training Series

Training from Top Experts to help you run your business effectively and efficiently! Including: Facebook Ads Strategy with Salome Schillack, Creating Massively Loyal & Engaged Fans with Lou Mongello, Transitioning & Positioning with Kay Fabella, and lots more!

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Generate leads & sales with Facebook Messenger Bots

Learn everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger Bots! How to create and implement your own bot, what your bot should say and do, plus workflows for LIVE video integration, leads & sales, and general support.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile LIVE Video

Everything you need to know about going LIVE using ONLY your phone! What you need to know that you don’t know. How to make Mobile LIVE work FOR you. How To go LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope & Instagram. The “Little Details” that make a BIG difference!

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Create a simple & awesome studio set

Creating a studio set for your LIVE streams and/or recorded videos doesn’t have to be overwhelming (or expensive)! We’ll share all our set creation secrets in this workshop so you can turn around and do it EASILY! Learn how to create “personality”. Avoid pitfalls. Learn how to LIGHT your set properly!

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Implementation Programs


Master LIVE Video! Learn how to use professional LIVE Video to build a deeper Know, Like & Trust connection with your audience on any level, from the phone to a TV quality studio. Build buzz, create excitement and launch your product, service, podcast, LIVE Show, book, or anything else!

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