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Is the NEW Elgato Stream Deck THE ONE??? (It’s got a +!)

It’s brand new from Elgato, the Stream Deck Plus.

A Loupedeck competitor with physical knobs, touchstrip and LCD keys, which means more precise control and more functionality.

But buyer beware, don’t sell your Stream Deck just yet.

You gotta love the Stream Deck.

I mean the XL is literally the only way to go, right?

It turns you into a one person producer accomplishing the same things it takes CNN, an army of producers to do.

That’s power, baby! [I HAVE THE POWER]

But don’t you want more?

You can get one awesome thing and then soon enough it’s just not enough, right?

What if you could control hardware like lights and mice with the satisfaction of turning it up to eleven?

[The numbers all go to eleven.]

With a Stream Deck Plus, you can now have all the power.

But this may not be for you.

As you can see, this has eight buttons.

And yes, only eight buttons.

It also includes a touch strip and it does have pages, so you can swipe through pages of options that you’ve programmed.

And it also has four dials that rotate and press.

With a feature called Dial Stack.

You can actually press and access different commands and the touch screen will allow you to execute an action, or you can touch and hold to execute a different action.

Now, in terms of functionality, the keys themselves, the eight keys are going to perform just like you would expect.

On your Stream Deck XL or Stream Deck.

You can program pretty much anything that has a plugin.

The touchscreen and dials are going to be a little bit more limited in terms of what you can program, especially on launch, until their SDK gets released within weeks of the release date to be determined.

[TDB all of these problems will be in the past.]

But you will be able to use the Elgato Apps Camera Hub to make adjustments to your brightness and things like that.

Along with the Facecam Pro, you’ll actually be able to pan and zoom on that one.

Also there are other apps Wave Link for audio and mic control and also Control Center for lighting control.

And the other two things that are available to program right here and now are system actions and hotkeys.

So if anything can do a hotkey, you can program it with that on this Stream Deck.

Over time, as developers create plugins, there will be more functionality.

But for now, that’s what you got.

By the way, do you notice how my Stream Deck looks more awesome than yours?

Because I’m using the Livestreaming Pros Stream Deck Key Icons.

We have a whole pack of them for you to load in drag and drop onto your Stream Deck or your Stream Deck Plus.

And no, it’s not just about looking pretty, it actually helps you produce easier, quicker, without having to really evaluate what those keys say., link in the description and send me a picture of your Stream Deck with decked out with these keys on social.

Here’s the hard truth, Elgato is building out an ecosystem of products that work together well.

If you are not willing to buy into the entire Elgato ecosystem the lights, the mics, the Stream Decks, the software, all of it hardware and software combined, this Stream Deck Plus at its current form will not perform as much functionality as you might desire.

But then again, if you already have a whole bunch of Elgato gear and or you’re willing to buy more, then this could be a very good piece of the pie.

Because of the whole ecosystem thing.

I do find it a little bit more challenging to set up because you have to have all of the different softwares open in order to program the Stream Deck Plus the Wave Link, Control Center, all of the different softwares that you need to get that full functionality.

But you could actually program a key for that.

Do you want to see a comparison between the Stream Deck Plus and the Loupedeck?

Leave a comment, let me know.

Yes, no, and we might make it happen.

Here’s the thing I will not be trading in my existing Stream Deck XLs for this one, the Stream Deck Plus, because it really serves an entirely different purpose.

You cannot get by doing streams the way we all get by doing streams with eight keys.

It’s just not going to happen.

But it can be a really great addition to your set up to provide extra functionality, but it’s definitely not the only thing that you’re going to use.

Don’t forget to go grab those pretty little icons from the LSP store and watch this video next, on Setting up the Stream Deck step by step.

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