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30 Day Free Trial to Group Coaching

This FREE workshop will be available very soon!

live video tech can be overwhelming!

The good news is… it doesn’t have to be!

You want your LIVE Videos to look good (duh… of course!)

But you don’t want the tech to hold you back.

It’s time to GO LIVE!!! #NoExcuses

Am I right, or am I right? 😜

We’ve broken down exactly what you need to create more professional LIVE Video without complexity!

And yes, we’re giving it to you for FREE!


We simplify the tech so you don’t have to spend hours trying to sort through every camera and microphone to find the right one!

  • Gear Guides
  • Various budgets (including a DSLR camera setup!)
  • Lighting Tips for easy setups

Now you can stop banging your head against the wall.

You’re welcome.


One of the BIGGEST hurdles to LIVE Video is the software itself. It’s no longer a mystery!

We show you exactly what buttons to push to get more professional streams that look great without complexity!

  • Easy, breezy options for going LIVE quickly (Be.Live)
  • Mac Software (Ecamm & OBS)
  • PC Software (vMix & OBS)

No more staring at the computer screen in confusion!

How not to get stuck on the tech

Let’s get real for a second. 

Tech can be frustrating. Like… grab a bottle of wine and some chocolate kinda frustrating!

But there’s a secret to not letting the tech stand in your way. AND… how to handle the tech when it does go wrong!

‘Cause you know… Murphy’s Law.

Don’t worry. We got ya covered. 

free live video tech workshop

Learn how to create great looking LIVE Video simply & easily… without complexity!

This FREE workshop will be available very soon!