Quick Buy Gear Guide (Set Workshop) - Live Streaming Pros


Use this Gear Guide to buy any missing pieces to your equipment setup. There are two types of things listed here.

  1. Equipment

  2. Our favorite set pieces you may want to steal!
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audio technica at8035 boom microphone

Our favorite boom microphone you can mount above you or below you. Be sure to eliminate all room noise and echo!


These are our favorite lapel microphones! A lapel mic is going to help eliminate echo and noise because it’s closer to you. Downside is that you have to put it on each time.


This is a great wired lapel microphone. You’ll need an XLR cable (be sure to choose the right length for your space) that goes into your camera. The benefits of a wired microphone is no interference (important if you’ll also use this at events), and it’s a lower cost over wireless.


neewer led light

Low priced LED lights that work great! We like to mix LEDs with with softboxes (below) for a softer look.


We use these with LED’s, and on our simpler sets we use ONLY these. If you’re looking for low budget lights, these are fantastic!

NOTE: Buying one set of these gives you 2 lights.


backdrop holder

You can either tack the backdrop to the wall or put it in a frame like this!

vanguard alta pro tripod

Lots of flexibility in this tripod! You’ll need a tripod for your camera, and this is our favorite! Cheaper ones we’ve tried don’t have a long shelf life.

tripod wheels

Allows for easy moving around a floor. Won’t work for high pile carpet.

light stand

Light stand for your lights. You either need to put your lights on a Light Stand or one of the trussing solutions below.

Boom pole

Holds the AudioTechnica boom microphone.


Custom prices based on set – email us if you’re interested!

sound proofing & protection

floor mats

Offers protection for the floor from all the gear, and adds some sound proofing.

moving blankets

Yes. Moving blankets. You can spend $thousands on sound proofing foam, or get creative with less expensive alternatives that work fantastically!

blackout curtains

You can do blackout curtains for your windows like David did. Or you can get decorative curtains that will block light AND look pretty!

cyberpower ups

Gotta protect all the gear from power surges!

our favorite set pieces!


Our favorite trick: photography backdrops that aren’t expensive and give you a great starting point for the look of your set!

led light strips

Lights for under desks or in or around frames.

fake plant

Various tall plants. Just remember… nothing should stick out of your head!

tin signs

Like David’s Marvel Character tins on the wall, you can find signs for just about any passion!

popcorn maker

‘Cause every set needs one!