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FREE Personalized Video Gear Kit in 60 Seconds

Personalization can and should be easy

Photo and studio by Kevin McAleer

Today, I launched a total gamechanger for anyone creating content, showing up on Zoom, making courses, hosting virtual events, and… well… anything involving showing up on camera online!

the 60 second gamechanger

I’ve been in the content creation bizz for 16 years, and I gotta say, the BIGGEST struggle people have is PROCRASTINATION! 

Procrastination comes in all forms, but the major one – EXCUSES!

“I don’t know what gear to buy”

“I don’t have time to research what I need”

I’ve heard it all, which is why  I’ve developed this 60 second quiz designed to help you find you the EXACT gear you need for YOUR specific NEEDS. So you can stop procrastinating and start CREATING!

Photo and studio by Mike Cohn

"i can't start because i don't know what gear i need"

You really don’t NEED to start out with crazy tech gear, but we all use it as an excuse to not start creating content. “If I don’t have serious gear, then how can people take me seriously?” (You’re not alone!)

It sounds small, but I totally understand feeling that way; look at all the crazy competition out there right now! Everyone has the newest, shiniest thing – at least that’s what it feels like.

And researching for professional gear is intimidating. There are so many brands and models, this, that, those – it’s OVERWHELMING!

And anything overwhelming is easy to put off til tomorrow… or the next day… or the next day…

Photo and studio by Mark Bilton

the 60 second solution to get professional video without the procrastination

So, are you ready to STOP procrastinating and start showing up?!

This quiz takes 60 seconds to complete, and sends you a personalized PDF of the gear you need for YOUR specific needs!

You don’t need to be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Linked In –

you just need to be ON IT!

Photo and studio by Dwain Wood

Take the quiz, get the gear, get STARTED!

Instead of researching for a week about what gear you need, get started now for FREE, and get your personalized setup instead! (The longest you’ll have to wait is just the delivery times!)

Get your personalized
Gear Kit!

This personalized shopping list will allow you to get higher quality video with a simple setup… and gain confidence and INSTANT Credibility!