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Luria Petrucci

Faster Audience & Business growth

With 1-1 coaching, you can finally stop struggling to get results! When you create YOUniquely You™ content that taps into your personality AND you get super strategic with your LIVE Video efforts… THAT’S when you grow your audience, get engagement, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS! 


After only 2 weeks of implementing Luria's strategies in our 1-1 calls, we're seeing MASSIVE engagement & growth! Luria is such a great teacher!
Sally Haughey
Fairy Dust Teaching

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The success of your content is based on viewers connecting to you. YOUniquely You™ Content helps you integrate your personality into your videos so people can’t help but love you and want more of you!


Launching your Product using LIVE Video (along with whatever launch method you already use) can create buzz around your launch and increase your sales dramatically!


You already create other types of content (YouTube videos, podcasts, etc). Let’s not overcomplicate your life and create Cohesive Content that strategically ties it all together!


Engagement is a KEY FACTOR in success for your LIVE Videos. Algorithms must see engagement or you don’t get seen. Increase engagement and create community!


Get more views CONSISTENTLY and reach new people who’ve never heard of you, but who need you, through Audience Growth Strategies using LIVE Video.

Best. Launch. EVER! All thanks to LIVE Video! For 12 years, I launched the same product and hit the same cap on enrollment each time. Then I used Luria's LIVE for Launches strategies. One LIVE Video brought in $8500 alone. And the Launch totaled an 18.5% increase in front end sales and a 215% increase in backend sales!
Barry Friedman
World Class Juggler & TED Talker
LIVE Video is something I've struggled with in the past. I don't necessarily love being on camera, but I know it is important for the growth of my business! When I was ready to take the next step with LIVE, I hired Live Streaming Pros to build my in-home TV Quality Studio. After it was built, Luria sat down and talked to me about strategy. I’ve been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has! When she explained her strategy plan to me, I thought “that’s just so good!” It’s very eye opening in terms of how to approach LIVE video. Beyond her expertise with LIVE, I just can’t believe how thoughtful and generous she is as a person! She has been there for me at every turn and doubt and fear I’ve had, and I’m so thankful to have her by my side!
Amy Porterfield
Top Marketing Strategist


With a monthly package, you’re able to make much more FOCUSED and FASTER progress since we meet weekly! 

I’m able to really get to know you and your business, so that I can create custom strategies that will take you out of the box and tap into your goals and personality!

I’ll give you homework to accomplish each week and you’ll have accountability to keep you focused and stay unstuck. 

And in between calls, I’m available through chat to answer questions or provide additional guidance.

Before meeting Luria, I was dabbling in LIVE Video with some Periscopes and Facebook LIVEs. When I wanted to do more professional LIVE streams, I found Live Streaming Pros. They set up my TV Quality LIVE Streaming Studio, and then Luria continued to coach me weekly. She exceeded my expectations as a coach… and as a person! She was there for me every step of the way, watching and helping me adjust where necessary. I felt 100% supported and felt at home from the first time we talked. I didn’t feel like just another one of her clients. The attention she gives is incredibly personalized and focused on getting results for MY goals and the way I run my business.
Michael Hyatt
Best Selling Author


Book Per Hour
$ 497 Per Hour
  • Get unstuck!
  • Get personalized answers!
  • Get new strategy ideas!


Weekly Calls
$ 1500 /month
  • Go DEEP & Get RESULTS!
  • Accountability & Homework!
  • Private access to me in between calls