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Boost engagement on Zoom and make it more FUN & PROFITABLE !!!

Whether it's a Zoom Webinar, Virtual Event or a Live Training Program...

Create a unique and memorable experience that increases retention and attendee participation, and finally run Zoom confidently without all the fumbling around (even as a one person show)!


I've been using Zoom forever & learned some amazing new tricks!

– Glenda K


So FUN, so helpful! Can't wait to use this in my next Zoom session!

– David C


WOW, 3 years using breakout rooms and learning so much! So worth it!

– Claire H

In this INTERACTIVE LIVE Workshop, you'll...

When your calls and events are more engaging, then you can be more profitable!

I've been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has. When she explained her strategy to me, I thought, "that's just so good!" It's very eye opening in terms of how to approach video. She has been there for me every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have her by my side!
Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield
Top Marketing Strategist & Top Podcast "Online Marketing Made Easy"
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Show off your STAR power, WOW everyone with the impact of an impressive presentation that sounds and looks amazing—all from behind your screen!

Let’s take the dread out of Zoom and make it magical! This live interactive training is going to show YOU exciting ways to take your virtual events off talking-head autopilot. You’ll learn powerful techniques to increase engagement with attendees while also boosting excitement & confidence in each call! Let’s make sure your next event is remembered as something AWESOME rather than just another “meeting-on-Zoom”.

What You'll Learn

Transform your Zoom Meetings and Calls!



And ask your questions LIVE!


meet your Tutor


Luria Petrucci

From BBC to YouTube, Luria has dominated live media platforms for over 17 years. She's a trailblazing live streaming strategist & tech powerhouse, who's especially known for her high engagement rates, fun factors, and expertise on showing up confidently!

Turn Yawns into Yays

Move the slider to see what happens when you Level Up your Zoom Game...

Isn't it time You Transform Your Zoom Game?

When you attend this interactive training (where you can ask your questions LIVE!), you will transform dull video calls into highly engaging and exciting experience for you and your attendees!

Learn creative methods for increasing connection with your attendees while building trust – so that each virtual event is something memorable instead of just another monotonous meeting.
Luria Petrucci

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