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Gain confidence and clarity to make a DIFFERENCE in many people’s lives AND finally have FREEDOM!

special bonus Ends when the masterclass ends!

for as low as $5.40/day!


What you get In Accelerator

The Accelerator Program gives you confidence and clarity to create content that empowers you to make a DIFFERENCE in many lives AND finally have FREEDOM so you can avoid burnout!


Videos for each REAL Phase designed to walk you step by step to go from zero to $5k within 12 months!


You'll have a roadmap of what actions YOU need to take in order to hit necessary Milestones along the way!


As you progress forward, we'll CELEBRATE your wins with you!


Join weekly Zoom calls to ask questions as you get stuck, new monthly training and tech support!


Connect with a community who's been where you are and can help you push past your struggles.


Learn how to setup the Tech for Professional Videos & Live Streams... and WHEN to focus on the tech so it's not a procrastination tool!

special bonus Ends when the masterclass ends:

plus... you get a PERSONAL coach!

Access to your Growth Coach

In addition to Luria’s weekly trainings, FAST TRACK your success with access to a COACH for PERSONALIZED advice!

Tech Help!

Access to our EXISTING courses focused on setting up your Professional Video Studio (the tech!) and Pro Software setups! AND…. when you have questions, we answer them!

Exclusive Discounts

Get 10% off FUTURE courses from us & exclusive discounts from our partners!


Only available before Luria ends the Masterclass!


Get access to the special perk that breaks down WHAT you can offer and EXACTLY HOW you make money quickly at EACH Growth Phase!

special bonus Ends when the masterclass ends!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: The Program (Value: $5,000)

  • This program includes step-by-step training videos
    • The Growth Phases are in 12-week cycles so that you can move yourself through at your own pace
    • Remove overwhelm by focusing only on the actions YOU need to take for where you are in your journey!
    • Do the right things at the right time to see success faster!

#2: Access to a Growth Coach! (Value $3,000)

  • This will accelerate your momentum exponentially! 
  • Meet with your Growth Coach in a smaller group environment every week to stay on track with the training, and get past hurdles FAST!

#3: Access to the Community

  • You’re no longer going it alone!!!
    • A safe space to be vulnerable with NO JUDGMENT!
    • Peer-led discussions are the KEY to unlocking new ideas!
    • Go further faster with the support of other people going through the same process!

#4: Roadmap of Success Milestones

  • PDF Guide with pre-determined Success Milestones 
    • Follow the Roadmap with each week’s content
    • Check off videos and action steps as you complete the work
    • Know with certainty that you’re making progress as you hit Success Milestones!

#5: Success Celebrations!

  • A party in your honor!
    • After every Growth Phase training is complete (every 12 weeks)
    • A party to celebrate your success (however big or small!)
    • Get motivated by your peers’ movements forward, too!

#6: Weekly Training Sessions

  • Weekly support to supplement your training program!
    • Q&A with Luria: Ask anything to get support in making progress!
    • Expert Training Sessions: Additional training sessions by Luria and/or outside experts to go deeper!
    • Video Reviews: Get feedback on your Video Setup (lighting, audio, etc) & content delivery to improve!
    • Progress Check In’s: Monthly check in to keep you motivated and focused on your goals!

#7: Access to Existing On Demand Courses (Value $305)

  • Pro Video Studio Course helps you assemble the tech side of your pro video studio!
  • Software Quick Starts give you step by step instructions to set up your video software for recording and/or going live!

#8: Exclusive Discounts

  • When we release other courses in the future, you’ll get an exclusive 10% discount as a thank you for being an active member!
  • Access to exclusive discounts from our Partners, too!

The core program is a series of short, consumable training videos combined with PDF workbooks to help you take action. 

But what REALLY makes this program special is:

  • You go through the training with a group of peers for support!
  • You get a COACH to ask all the questions you want as you hit walls!
  • You get ACCOUNTABILITY to stay on track!

As you achieve set milestones, you’ll mark them off and know exactly when it’s time to graduate to the next level!

We want you to feel confident in joining! The first week of content drops February 3rd (there are pre-program activities to get you prepped before that!)

You can request a refund until February 9th after watching the first week's content and doing the work I ask you to do to start the program!

Each of the 4 Phases has a different Growth Coach and a different call time. 


Once you join the program, we’ll walk you through how to choose your correct Phase. This will determine what content you watch AND what actions you need to take to stay focused on getting to YOUR next level! 


Since we don’t know what Phase you’re in, I can’t tell you when you’ll be meeting with your Growth Coach, BUT….


Even if there’s a conflict… you’ll have access to both replays AND your Coach inside the community, so you can ask all the questions you want at any time! 

It really depends on where you are in your personal journey. The Program is structured to help you focus on creating the right content and getting an engaged audience so that you can make money as quickly as possible.


You can make money from a SMALL audience, but they need to be engaged and watching! So we get there first so you have an easier time building the business. Let’s be REAL - you do have to put in some work to get to the point of making money - this is NOT a get rich quick scheme! 🙂 And if you’re INTENTIONAL about it, you’ll succeed faster!


And.. we have students making money very early in the process when they’re doing the right things at the right time!