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Create Professional LIVE Videos with Interviews, Graphics and play recorded Videos!

Go LIVE from Wirecast SIMPLY and EASILY!

Avoid Rookie Mistakes! 
(even if you're already using Wirecast)

Create a Workflow that's easy to run as a ONE person show!


Are you frustrated from issues with your Wirecast Streams?
Or overwhelmed and intimidated by setting up the software to get started?

Hi! I'm Vicky Lashenko. I've been using Wirecast for my weekly LIVE Show, The Mompreneur Show, for over a year since Facebook LIVE launched. 

I gotta tell you... I've made EVERY mistake you've made... or WILL make! :)

  • ​Many of my early videos were out of sync!
  • My streams have cut out or crashed mid-show.
  • I've had streams that were late or never went LIVE because of technical issues in Wirecast or with my computer.
  • I've had to reschedule important guests because of issues.

I've been through all the failures!

And NOW I know how to do it RIGHT! 

I'm a one-person show (I run production and host the show), and I've found an incredible workflow that will help YOU:

  • ​Save time and frustration!
  • Concentrate on doing what you do best - deliver value and interview your guests!
  • ...instead of messing with buttons and fixing problems!
Michael Hyatt ~ Best Selling Author & Top Marketing Expert

When it comes to Wirecast, Vicky Lashenko is my go-to expert. She is as helpful as she is knowledgeable. As an added bonus, she is a joy to work with. I couldn't recommend her more highly.


Remove Trial & Error with Step-by-Step Instruction!

In the Complete Wirecast Workflow Workshop, you'll learn:

  • Everything you need to know to use Wirecast successfully!
  • Gear: Options & Considerations (is your computer going to do the job??)
  • Workflow: What to do BEFORE and DURING your show!
  • Simulcasting: Stream simultaneously to multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube & Periscope)
  • Interviews: How to set up your interview with Zoom or Skype
  • How to create your own Graphics!
  • Recorded Videos (like intros & bumpers): How to bring in Media
  • Music: Adding Music & Copyrighted Music Guidelines (and how to get music you CAN play)
  • How To Share Your Screen



NOTE: This workshop is based on Wirecast

Mary Hyatt ~ Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Oh my gosh! I am so incredibly grateful for Vicky. She is an absolute lifesaver. I had been doing Facebook LIVE for a while, but was scared to make the leap to Wirecast.

Vicky has taken something that was overwhelming and made it doable. She gave me the confidence to be able to even host my first interview with a guest on my show. 

I went from being intimidated to feeling like I had a partner on my side to guide me through the process. I now have a show that is professional and streamlined. All thanks to Vicky!

Hey, I'm Luria Petrucci from Live Streaming Pros!

My partner, David, and I have watched Vicky grow as a LIVE streamer, and helped her fix issues as she encountered them in her show. 

She quickly became a Star Student, and I've used her as an example of how to do a Professional LIVE Stream using Wirecast... in my own show and in many speeches I do, like at Social Media Marketing World!

Even though she's not a super-technical person, she's created this amazing one-person show workflow that has helped her and her clients!

I'm THRILLED to be doing this Workshop with Vicky! She'll share all her secrets with you, and I'll be adding in some extras for you!


BONUS Modules!

Dive deeper into each module below!



NOTE: This workshop is based on Wirecast

~ Marketing & Digital Communication Evangelist
Vicky Lashenko has been my Wirecast Guru. Teaching complicated things in a quick and simple way. I was lost and I found the "Wirecast Way". She has been manipulating this monster for a long time. 

She can help you tame the "beast". Trust me, if you don't have time, better have someone who knows take you straight to what you need to learn.


MODULE 1: Introduction to Wirecast

  • Computer Requirements
  • Wirecast Dashboard & Overview
  • What you MUST do Before EVERY Stream!
  • Sneak Peek at my Workflow

MODULE 2: Building Your Shots

  • Adding a Camera
  • Sharing Your Screen (available 6/30)
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding Graphics & Lower Thirds (title graphics with your name/URL)
  • Adding a Countdown Timer
  • Copyrighted Music: What you need to know & where to get music to use (available 6/30)
  • Bringing in an outside source (like another computer) (available 6/30)

MODULE 3: Side by Side Interviews

  • Bringing on a Guest through Zoom
  • Bringing on a Guest through Skype
  • Using Virtual Camera (so your guest sees what the audience sees)

MODULE 4: Using & Creating Graphics for Your Show

  • Using Wirecast's Graphics
  • Creating your own Graphics in Photoshop
  • Creating your own Graphics in Canva (for free)

MODULE 5: Settings & Setup

  • Completing the Workflow: Adding additional shots and final touches
  • Setting up Facebook LIVE
  • How To Schedule a Facebook LIVE Stream
  • Recording videos through Wirecast


  • Going LIVE on Facebook
  • Going LIVE on Periscope (available 6/30)
  • Going LIVE on YouTube (available 6/30)
  • Simulcasting to multiple locations at once! (available 6/30)
  • Troubleshooting Issues (available 6/30)

BONUS! 3 Behind the Scenes Videos

Go behind the scenes with Vicky!

  • Setup & Gear Overview
  • Vicky's Sound & Light Proofing Setup
  • Show Prep Walkthrough

BONUS! Gear Guides

  • Basic Gear Guide for Wirecast (with your built in camera or a USB camera) (available 6/30)
  • Advanced Gear Guide (using external cameras) (available 6/30)



NOTE: This workshop is based on Wirecast

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