Why your Facebook LIVE videos are sideways

UPDATE: Android is now doing video the same way the iPhone does, so follow the instructions for iPhone in the video regardless of your mobile OS.

Should you be using Portrait or Landscape when you go LIVE from your phone on Facebook? Are your streams coming out sideways? The device you’re using MATTERS, so here’s what you need to know!

STOP going live in portrait mode! Which is this way… long.

That’s what gives you these weird bars on the side. When your viewers click to watch the video, the bars disappear, and the video is super thin.

Instead, turn your phone sideways – in landscape mode – to get a widescreen video. SO much better looking and more professional, isn’t it?

BUT… you MUST turn your phone into landscape mode BEFORE you go live on your iPhone. You can’t start the stream, THEN turn it. It won’t change, and you’ll be sideways to your viewers.

That’s it on the whole portrait vs landscape situation… for now… till things change. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on what the latest is on how to live stream successfully!

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