Why reading makes your LIVE streams better!

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Are you looking to make your LIVE streams better? Whether on Facebook, YouTube or Periscope? Here’s one tip. Read more! Consume more.

Let me explain. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s very easy for us to get caught up inside our own little bubbles of our business and our expertise.

We often forget that an actual whole world exists. And by the way, I’m TOTALLY guilty of this. But I push myself hard to NOT get stuck in these bubbles. Because when I get outside of it, my business thrives. My LIVE streams are better. EVERYTHING I DO is better.

“Reading” isn’t always reading

When I say “read” more. I mean consume more. I personally LOVE to read. Holding a book and taking in information that way is my favorite. I actually don’t really listen to a whole lot of podcasts. Because that format isn’t as easy to fit into my lifestyle.

If you hate reading, don’t read. Listen to audio books. Or podcasts. Watch LIVE videos. Or YouTube videos. Whatever format you consume information best in, do so.

Here’s why. When you consume more non-fiction content – and I mean BOTH stuff that has to do with your area of expertise, AND stuff that is completely outside the realm of your expertise, it fuels you. It gets you reinvigorated. It gives you inspiration. It makes you think more about how to accomplish what you need to.

If you’re challenged by something, read more! It’ll make you think differently and come up with solutions.

And ALL of this makes YOU better at doing your live streams. You have more to say. You have a broader scope of knowledge.

Reshaping your opinions

Your opinions grow stronger and you’re forced to think through what those opinions really are. You never want to steal from the content you’re reading, but you want to let it inspire you.

Now… as you’re reading and constantly growing in knowledge and opinions, you’re able to better answer questions that come through your LIVE streams. You’re able to offer your LIVE viewers MORE and a better version of yourself.

The books I am currently reading are mostly aimed at making me a better business owner. But when it comes to opening my eyes and expanding my horizons with my area of expertise – LIVE video – I watch a LOT of other people’s live videos. I join in in conversations that are happening in my industry.

You never want to settle. And for some of you, this may seem like something that doesn’t really need to be said. But it does. If you’re not doing it, START now. If you do it, use this as a reminder of why and to challenge yourself.

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