What goes into a custom LIVE streaming computer?

Luria Petrucci 09.08.2017 0 comments

If you’re looking to move your LIVE streaming from a phone to a computer and access all the things that move enables, you need to know the important considerations for a machine that will do that. Maybe you’re thinking of building your own, but even if you are just shopping for a pre-built box that will do awesome LIVE video, you need to know what sets that kind of computer apart from the ones designed for web browsing and email reading.

Petra Verbruggen is one of our students and she’s become an honorary member of the Live Streaming Pros team, helping out, even switching shows for us from across the ocean! Petra’s from The Netherlands, and is here for a vacation. Since she’s been building her own LIVE streaming computer I HAD to have her on the show to find out all the details people should keep in mind for a video-specific box.

Our conversation covers issues like build or buy, how the software you want to run may influence your hardware choices, and the individual components that deserve the most attention.

One of the questions is whether you are going to use a Mac or a PC. A lot of us in the community are Mac users for everything else, but we’ve found PCs give a lot more bang for the buck when processing video. If you want a good deep dive into that subject, you’ll want to check out our upcoming FREE workshop on PC vs. Mac when planning for a streaming computer. More details on that coming your way soon!

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