Walkthrough of Michael Hyatt’s new Level 4 TV-quality studio

Luria Petrucci 07.13.2017 16 comments

Let’s go on a tour of a professional live streaming studio that produces TV-quality video!

One part of our business is installing TV-quality Level 4 studios in people’s homes and businesses. We just did one of these for Michael Hyattย and we want to show you what goes into a studio like this, and what it can do.

You can get a refresher on the 4 Levels of LIVE Streamingโ„ข here.

This was in a bedroom, in a house, and there were hardwood floors. While they’re beautiful, hardwood floors create huge issues with echoes. Our solution for that was to cover them with sound absorbent matts, like we use in our own studio. We also used moving blankets to absorb sound on the walls (a much cheaper and fully functional alternative to sound-deadening foam). Another of Michael’s requests was that everything be off the floor, because he hates clutter. We achieved that with trussing which provides a framework where we can run cables and hang cameras, lights, and microphones. Everything is off the floor!

Michael also wanted a whiteboard UpDesk, which gives you an always-there place to take notes while you’re LIVE.

Check out the video for all the details, and a look at how all the parts came together!

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16 Comments on "Walkthrough of Michael Hyatt’s new Level 4 TV-quality studio"

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David Foster

This was such a fun build to do!! Michael is AWESOME and great to work with! I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

Vicky Lashenko

LOVED this walk through you guys! Michaels studio looks AMAZING! Well done! I hope that I can have you guys come in and set up a studio for me soon as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

David Foster

We’d love to!!

Kerry Allan

How can Michael self switch his show? Is there a remote control for the LiveStream system?

David Foster

It is a really cool system that gives you a lot of options. We actually had someone from the Netherlands (Petra) switch the show for us before, and it went perfectly well.

Paul Gero

Luria, enjoyed your podcast interview with JLD today and was so nice to re discover you and it makes total sense that you’re doing livestream…thanks for the great information here…I’m a level 2/3 livestreamer and looking to get to level 4…

Adam Lee Rosenfeld

What an amazing peek behind the scenes! This is a super-helpful resource, thanks!

Mike Cohn

What a fantastic buildout and thank you so much for walking us through it. Can you share anything on the dimensions of this space and/or of the dimensions you’d suggest as a minimum for something like this? Thanks!

David Foster

I want to say it’s 11′ X 13′. Maybe a bit bigger, but not huge. ๐Ÿ™‚


Could I ask what type of video hosting do you use for this video on this page?
(https://livestreamingpros.com/walkthrough-of-michael-hyatts-new-level-4-tv-quality-studio/) I have never seen a video player with up to 2x playback speed.


This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing! Is the background for Michael’s videos just the green/gray wall behind the desk? Do you have a link to the rest of the video with the Q&A portion? And are there any example videos of Michael using the new setup yet? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Luria, you said that Vimeo was the hosting provider used for this video
(https://livestreamingpros.com/walkthrough-of-michael-hyatts-new-level-4-tv-quality-studio/) which allows for the possibility of a 2x playback speed. Which level of Vimeo hosting are you using? On their various plans (https://goo.gl/oD8KKT), there is no explicit mention of a 2x playback speed for any of the plans. I would think they would want to feature that prominently. How would one configure the playback settings within Vimeo to enable this 2x playback speed? Thanks for your assistance in answering my questions!

Paul Dixon

Hi Erik, that particular video is actually hosted on CacheFly – but it’s the video player plugin (FV Player by Foliovision) that allows for the speed settings.