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Something BIG is here

As an entrepreneur, you must quickly build trust & credibility

And AI ain’t gonna help with that! 

With the rise of AI, people are questioning if what they’re seeing online is real – if it’s authentic. 

“Was this written by ChatGPT?”

“You made this in Midjourney”
“Can I talk to a HUMAN?!”

Not only does video content bust the AI generated wall of inauthentic business, it’s vital in building trust, leveraging your brand, and easily connecting you with your ideal clients.

And the great news is.. you have an advantage over AI

The Catch?

Looking like an amateur, or making a fool of yourself, is NOT an option!

You NEED to look good and feel confident doing video!

Zoom | Webinars | Live Streams | Recorded Videos | Podcasts | Interviews

And so you've held yourself back from taking action.

aka… perfectionism got the best of you

“I don’t know what gear to buy!”

“How do I decorate my background to look professional enough?”

“I don’t have time to learn all the different softwares!”
“How do I put myself in a little frame while sharing my screen? What is that even called?!”

Feeling called out yet? 

now my question to you is: Are you ready to take this video thing seriously?!

Are you ready… to be bold?

After 18 years of helping entrepreneurs create & setup their home video studio, I’ve skipped the gatekeeping, and created a total game-changer for busy, perfectionist entrepreneurs like you – because the truth is, you can have it all, and you should! Why settle for less when you want to give the most?

The last thing you need is to waste time dealing with tech when you’ve got a damn business to run! 

this... is a game changer!

Never before has video been so easy! I’ve created a Paint-by-Numbers style system for pro quality video!


It’s the fast track to a professional, simple & easy to use setup, so that you can get the tech out of the way….

and focus on showing up in the world BOLDLY and helping people in the way YOU do best!

Bold Video bundle

The Ultimate Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs ready to elevate your Brand with EASE!

Bold Video Bundle

What’s in the bundle?


I know video!

I’m Luria Petrucci, and I’ve had over 18 years of experience in video creation. I’ve appeared on major networks and collaborations with top brands such as ABC, BBC, Samsung, Panasonic and many others, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering entrepreneurs to leverage  video to take their business to the next level. I’ve designed and built studios for industry leaders like Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque, Stu McLaren, Michael Hyatt, and shared stages with luminaries such as Tom Green, Penn Jillette, and others. 

My mission is to simplify professional video creation for busy entrepreneurs like you, so that you can…

STOP playing small!

Create Authentically. Live Boldly!

Clients who trust us

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Amy Porterfield

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Your One-Stop-Shop

I live by the 80/20 rule... I do 80% of the work.
You get 100% of the results.


I’ve curated a comprehensive professional video bundle for busy entrepreneurs to fast track their in-home video studio. This bundle features step-by-step kits to simplify and streamline the process of building your video studio, removing overwhelm and frustration. Understanding the time and financial constraints you face, I’ve created an all-in-one solution—a streamlined studio setup guide you can complete in just ONE day (without being a tech guru), empowering you to leverage the power of video immediately.

Pictured: Anne Lafollette

What's In the bold video bundle?

Do what I do. Follow along. Done!

Bold Video Diagram

SUPER detailed, Step-by-step assembly

No decisions. No chance for procrastination. Just action.

A paint-by-numbers-esque process I’ve personally used to assemble professional studios for influential entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield and Ryan Levesque in under two hours!

software and graphics toolkit & guide

Gain instant credibility by integrating yourself into presentations or product showcases with ease, while keeping your viewers engaged and wanting MORE!

Bold Video Graphics Toolkit
Bold Video Training

training videos viewable at home and on-the-go

Keep your viewers committed throughout your videos with expert guidance at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

from the people we've helped...

You can look this good, too!

Click the thumbnails below to take a closer look!

bonus #1: Purchase priorities & Swap gear
(Value $97)

Not ready to buy all the gear yet?

You don’t have to! 


This Bonus gives you a CLEAR buying guide path to add gear a little at a time. 


I’ll tell you exactly what you need to buy 1st, 2nd, 3rd. And you’ll still be able to follow along with the Assembly Instructions!

bonus #2: Alternative gear options (Value $397)

Wanna customize your studio without overwhelm?

Your needs are unique, and this bonus helps you get EXACTLY what you need for YOU!


We’ve curated and given you recommendations for Alternative Gear Options if you want to add or swap something in the Tool Kit. 


The great news? It gives you what you want without overcomplication, AND saves you HOURS of searching through random YouTube videos!

bonus #3: exclusive graphics pack (Value $47)

You'll be ready to go create, create, create!

We’ve created an exclusive graphics pack just for this program!


As you walk with me through setting up your software – just follow along – you’ll use this customizable pack and you’ll be ready to go create engaging content without fuss!

Animated Emoji Overlays

bonus #4: green screen setup guide
(Value $27)

Using a green screen?

Green Screen can lead to amateur-hour very quickly if not done right!


This Setup Guide will show you where to place gear so you get better results!


$ 179


$ 497


If you're serious about finally killing procrastination and creating videos to grow your community & business, this is the PERFECT program for you!!! 


It will get you up and running with professional quality videos quickly so you can focus on the stuff that truly matters… creating content, connecting with your audience and growing your business! 

If you:

  • ALREADY have your Pro video studio (and you’re creating videos consistently!)
  • Are HAPPY with your setup
  • Or WANT full customization capabilities 

Then, this Bundle is not for you.

If you:

  • HAVE NOT set up your gear or software
  • Are NOT creating consistently
  • Are FRUSTRATED with the tech
  • Want a SIMPLER and STREAMLINED process to follow step by step

Then this is the PERFECT program for you!!! 

It will get you up and running with professional quality videos quickly so you can focus on the stuff that truly matters… creating content, connecting with your audience and growing your business! 

The gear we recommend works for both Mac or PC!

Keep in mind, the software we train on is focused on Ecamm (Mac only) and Streamyard (PC or Mac).

In this Bundle, you’ll learn EXACTLY what gear to buy with no decisions needed which is the beauty of it!


If you already have cameras, lights, etc, you are more than welcome to use what you have. Just buy the rest of the recommended kit, and swap it out. Keep in mind, we can’t offer support on gear that isn’t recommended . 


We’re making the assumption that you already have a computer to use, but if not, we have recommendations on what computers are best to use on our YouTube channel!

This bundle is specifically for desk setups and "talking head" videos, where you’re sitting/standing at your desk and you’re primarily talking to the camera in one place. 

You might get the bonus that includes how to add an additional camera so that you can showcase your products, share your screen, etc., but this bundle is not focused on Active recordings, just Desk Setups.

If you would like assistance for active recording that allow you to showcase dancing, running, walking on stages, or other movement based activities, please email me at!

Here’s the deal. I’m 100% committed to this bundle being the ONLY training you need in order get pro quality video in a streamlined, simple setup. 


It is not focused on giving you all the fanciest bells and whistles that will distract you. It IS focused on getting you up and running QUICKLY and helping you STOP PROCRASTINATING! 


If you are committed to following the “paint by numbers” system we’ve created… and saying NO to self doubt and questions get in your way… then I promise you, you WILL succeed! 


And if you can show me you’ve gone through the steps, did the work, and still feel like it’s not right for you, then please do reach out within 60 days to get 100% of your investment in the program back. 

You can view our entire refund policy here.


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