Use live video when you’re having a bad day, with AJ Rivera

Luria Petrucci 11.18.2016 0 comments

Everyone has bad days, but have you ever considered how doing a live stream could turn a day like that around for you?

AJ Rivera is a fitness professional who helps other fitness professionals succeed through his Facebook group and live streaming. He joined us to talk about a day he had that wasn’t going so well. In a big way. And he had planned to live stream that day. This is when most people would just cancel the live stream and hope to start fresh the next day. But AJ was determined to stick to his scheduled stream, despite all the obstacles. This is AMAZING, and it’s the kind of determination that really makes a difference in someone’s overall success.

AJ decided that the best way to improve his mood would be to help other people with whatever they needed. So he went on his Facebook page, started a live stream and just started fielding questions. An open Q & A. And it worked! His community rallied around him, he was able to help them, and they DEFINITELY helped him!

So, next time your bad day has you down, and you want to cancel the live stream, just remember AJ. Doing that live stream and helping people may be the thing that turns your day around!

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