Turning LIVE Viewers into LIFELONG & LOYAL Customers!

Luria Petrucci 09.27.2017 0 comments

Building a strong relationship with your customers (and people who you’d like to see become customers) is vitally important to your business! I believe that the relationship with your customer starts with your LIVE videos. But how do you keep building and strengthening your relationships once that viewer has taken the step to become a customer? How do you keep making that connection better?

Here are three tips to keep in mind for people who are still viewers, but not yet customers:

Make it about the viewer

Focus on your audience and understand that they are at the center of the things you are doing in your LIVE efforts. It all has to be about giving the viewer an AMAZING experience! You can keep your show viewer-centered with lots of questions – never stop getting to know your audience!

Take them on a journey

Invite your viewers into your world so they make a deeper connection with you. That means you can admit to mistakes and when things don’t go right. Help them hang out with you. Life Streams are a big part of this. Are you taking a hike through the woods? Share that with your audience for a few minutes!

Show them you care

LIVE is a conversation. That means it’s an ideal environment to get to know your viewers and help them know you. You can ask questions to learn about them, and you can answer questions they have. And take notes – learn little details about people as they share them, and write them down!

Once viewers have made the transition to being customers, there are a new set of things you can do to keep that relationship growing:

Onboarding email

This is pretty common in online businesses. It’s just that first email that thanks people for becoming a customer. I use it as an opportunity to outline the next steps my new customer can take to get the most out of the experience and the community. I’m also very much myself, not stiff and formal. And I encourage my students to be the same. Like take a selfie to introduce themselves to our Facebook group!

Personalized welcome video

This blows people away. They love it, and I love hearing back from them about it. People are amazed that for a $27 entry-level mobile workshop I’ll send them a personal video. But that’s important to me! I’m creating a relationship with them that isn’t limited by how much they’ve paid for a course. I use Bonjoro to do these videos, and it’s a really easy service to use. In the video above, I’m showing a quick view of using the app so you know how easy it can be.

Follow up and show you care

This is the nurturing process. Email services like Active Campaign (the one I use) build this into their systems. It’s just a matter of keeping in contact and sending specific emails depending on the path they’re following. You absolutely don’t want to fall silent after they’ve paid you money. That will ensure they are one time customers. A chain of emails takes your customer by the hand and guides them through an ongoing relationship, encouraging them to take future steps with you.

What makes you feel a connection with companies you do business with? What can they do to keep you coming back? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

NOTE: I’m an affiliate with Bonjoro and Active Campaign, and please know that I LOVE these services! I don’t promote anything I don’t truly believe in and I’m sharing because I know they can make a difference in your business! They certainly have made a difference in mine!

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