How to fix a LIVE stream train wreck

Luria Petrucci 12.05.2016 0 comments


(Apologies for the video quality – that’s another thing that went wrong in this show!)

We’ve said it often enough: Anything can happen when you’re live streaming. The key is to not let those glitches throw you.

Listen to the audio version:

Our attempted interview with Mario Armstrong was one of those things. First we didn’t have his video, although we could hear him. Then we were able to see him, but he could no longer hear us! He was having all kinds of problems with his connection. We worked around to calling him on the phone, so he could hear us, but by that time we had pretty much decided to reschedule (and watch for that, it’ll be a awesome talk about his show Never Settle). But along the way we were actually a live streaming demonstration of how you should never give up on even the most spectacular of live streaming train wrecks.

And as the show went on, we actually gained viewers rather than losing them. We ended with more than we had in the first 10 or so minutes!

Understand that things will always go wrong. Just roll with it!

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