Tips for framing your shot for more professional looking video!

David Foster 01.30.2018 0 comments

I’m really particular about shot framing. I know how I want a shot to look and I’m not happy until I get there. Fortunately, getting a good looking shot isn’t that hard if you follow a couple basic concepts.


This is the place to start. Don’t have too much headroom. You’ll get lost in the shot. Give yourself a little space above your head, but not much. Just a couple of inches.

Squaring with the background

If there are things with straight lines in your background, like pictures, book shelves, etc., line up the top and sides of your frames to to be square with those lines. Weird angles will distract from what you’re talking about.

See? Simple! But you can spend hours or days getting it perfect.

How are you framing your shot? Post a picture and let us see how it looks.

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