This ONE thing will help you avoid amateur LIVE streams!

Luria Petrucci 12.31.2016 0 comments

This one simple tweak will help you avoid a LIVE stream that sounds AMATEUR!

Have you ever joined a LIVE video, where the person starts off by saying…

“Hello! I want to make sure everyone can hear me. Let me know if you can hear me and if the audio sounds okay.”

Then they sit there and wait… LIVE actually has a bit of a delay from when you say it to when they answer you.

So it’s uncomfortable and well… awkward. For BOTH the viewer AND the streamer!

So, an easy way to avoid this is simple.

Ask a question that directly relates to the topic that you plan to talk about in that live stream.

In my pre-shows, I always have a Question of the Day. I ask the viewers a SPECIFIC question. For example, when I did a show about why you might only get a few viewers on your LIVE Shows, and how to change that… link to that video is below… my Question of the Day was “what’s the most number of viewers you’ve gotten on a live stream?”.


Immediately answer the question yourself. This does two things. It builds trust because you’re answering the question you’ve asked them. So it’s a two way conversation at that point. PLUS… little trick… it gives a little buffer room between when you asked the question and when you start to see their responses. So that you’re not sitting there blankly waiting for them to respond. It keeps the flow going, in other words.

While you’re answering the question yourself… they’re going to tell you if they can’t hear you or if there’s a problem of any kind!

There’s absolutely no need to ASK if they can hear you. It screams amateur! People aren’t shy about telling you they can’t hear you. Just provide value, and fix it if something DOES go wrong.

Now… to be fair, there are LOTS of ways to move your live videos from amateur to professional, that’s just one!

You can learn more about what those levels are and what kind of LIVE streamer YOU are… where YOU should start at

So… What’s one thing that bothers you about live streams you watch? Leave a comment below!

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