The “rules” of taking time off from your LIVE show

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Now that you have your own LIVE show, are you afraid to take time off? We always stress having a dependable schedule, but that doesn’t mean you can never take a break. Sometimes you have to! But there are some rules to follow when you do.

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Earn your break with consistency

My first question is, have you been consistent in your LIVE schedule up until the point when you want to take a break? If yes, your viewers will absolutely understand (and support) your decision to take an occasional break. They’ve gotten to know you and they want you to take care of yourself.

If you haven’t been consistent with your schedule, taking a break, will hurt the progress you’ve made building an audience. You need to be consistent before you can break that consistency!

When will your audience be around?

The question of when you should take a break may depend on your topic and audience. For my topic of helping people with their live streaming, I realize that the end of the year is when a lot of people are forming their plans for the next year. I want to be available to help them make those plans, so I often don’t take time off around the holidays. But your audience may have completely different scheduling needs.

Also, think about whether your audience will have time to watch you or not. If your scheduled show day happens to fall on a major holiday like Christmas, a lot of your viewers might be busy with their families and not have time to watch your show anyway.

Let your viewers know you’ll be gone

When you take a break, be sure to let your audience know in advance. Tell them about any change in your LIVE schedule a couple of weeks in advance, and mention it several times to make sure as many people find out as possible. This way, they won’t just think you’ve disappeared on them. Just as you would with a regular job, make sure people know when you are planning to be gone.

Do some random streams in the weeks before your break as well, to maximize the chances of people knowing you’ll be gone. You can also possibly do a random stream or two during your break, just to let everyone know you’re still around without having to plan a full show.

Follow those simple rules, and you’ll be able to take occasional time off with no problems!

What questions do you have about taking time off from LIVE? Let me know in the comments!

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