The ROI of caring

Luria Petrucci 01.05.2017 0 comments

Is there such a thing as Caring = Money? Does LIVE show us the ROI of caring? YES! Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

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Over the years I’ve known and worked with a lot of people who always want to know what’s in a particular deal or relationship for them. If they could immediately get something out of it, they were interested, if not, then… not.

But one of the things I’ve seen as I’ve worked in this business has been that sometimes the best payoffs don’t happen immediately. Sometimes a great deal will happen as a result of a long relationship where I’ve shown my interest with no immediate payoff. I didn’t do that with the hope of a benefit down the road, but it happened anyway. That’s what I’m calling the ROI of caring.

This isn’t something you can do with a plan of getting money down the road. Because a lot of time it won’t, and if you are thinking that way, your caring won’t be genuine, and that kind of sours the whole thing at the start. It just has to be the way you chose to interact with people. But I have seen an (unintended) ROI from caring.

It’s all about thinking long-term. Don’t be focused on what you’ll get today, focus on building those relationships with people. And LIVE is an amazingly fast way to build strong relationships!

Being a good person DOES help you in your business! Have you had experiences like this? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

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