The New 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming!

Luria Petrucci 02.02.2018 2 comments


We break down the tech and strategy that streamers use into 4 Levels. That helps you see where you are in the range of possibilities and makes it easier to focus on what you need to do to move forward and improve your streams. We’re adjusting those levels a bit to better address the options now available to LIVE streamers. So here’s a rundown of the NEW 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming!

Level 1: Phone

If you’re going LIVE from your phone, that’s Level 1. It’s the easiest place to begin, and a vital part of your streaming strategy no matter how you progress. Even if you’ve got a state-of-the-art Level 4 studio, you should still have a Level 1 component for what I call “Life Streams” – those random times when you go LIVE to talk to your audience from the beach, or a store, or wherever you may be. Life Streams are vital to growing your audience, so you never outgrow Level 1!

Level 2: Browser Based

Level 2 is when you are using browser-based software for going LIVE, like or BeLive. These are sites where you can go to a specific page, then go LIVE right from there. It’s an easy way to go LIVE with a regular show, but there are drawbacks. Check out the video for all the details on those!

Level 3: Software on Your Computer

Level 3 is when you have software on your computer (like Ecamm for the Mac) that lets you do more stuff and make more choices than a browser-based solution. But since this is usually done on a computer that you use for lots of other stuff (web browsing, email, productivity software, etc.) the LIVE software can sometimes struggle for system resources. It’s always best to have as little other stuff installed on your streaming computer as possible. LIVE streaming is VERY resource intensive! And that brings us to Level 4.

Level 4: Dedicated PC + Complete Strategy

This is a dedicated computer that you ONLY use for LIVE video. That keeps your system’s resources aimed just at that streaming task, which is super-important for putting out a top-quality stream. Level 4 is also about the strategies (not just the tech). You can have all the tech possible and still be making rookie mistakes with your strategies. Level 4 makes sure all the pieces are working together in the best way possible.

What level LIVE streamer are you?

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2 thoughts on “The New 4 Levels of LIVE Streaming!”

  1. I learned a lot. Loved it. Doing a weekly show, just 3 weeks in on Zoom. About to buy something called Wirecast. Will step up and begin major marketing of it a month or so out so in a good place. ALOS looking at doing LinkedIn LIve Video when it launches. Want to prepare and be among first in. I am a LinkedIn Sales Navigator expert, did 200 podcasts under

    • Don’t buy Wirecast! It is not great software in our experience. If you are on a Mac, there are alternatives, but we prefer PC for streaming, because Macs are quite limited in what you can encode, and therefore are not recommended for streaming.

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