The Most Viewed Facebook LIVE Video Ever & New Features!

Luria Petrucci 05.24.2016 0 comments

See the power of live streaming in action! Also, new Facebook LIVE features, including 24 hour streams and Reaction Graphs.

The Most Viewed Facebook LIVE Video

Candace Payne has taken the Facebook LIVE world by storm! She did a live video unboxing and using a Chewbacca mask and has seen over 471 million views. Has been asked to come on TV shows and went to Facebook headquarters and hung out with Chewy himself.

THIS is the power of LIVE video! Take notice!!!

New Facebook LIVE Features

Facebook is rolling out new features including:

  • Continuous streaming for 24 hours (though you won’t be able to play it back or record it!)
  • Geogating (lock down your stream based on location)
  • Agegating (lock down your stream based on viewer age)
  • Reaction Graphs (see where the “exciting parts” are)

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