The “Interview” Video

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The “Interview” (5 videos)

Below you’ll find 5 videos to help you get a better interview. There’s a LOT that goes into doing a smooth interview that packs in the value and entertains the audience.

Interview Overview: What You Need to Know


Mic Technique

Learn about microphone technique for in-person interviews.


Interview Technique

  • What you need to do BEFORE the¬†interview
  • How to handle awkward interviewees
  • Thinking about the end goal and what the audience gets out of it
  • How to be in control of the interview
  • How to format your interview

Guiding The Interviewee

  • What to think about when doing online interviews
  • How to be a good interviewee
  • Guiding the interview along
  • What length your interview should be

Case Study: Take Your Interviews to the Next Level

This is a case study I did with Vicky Lyashenko from The Mompreneur Show, where we talk about her struggles to take her interviews to the next level.

After implementing just ONE of the suggestions in this video, her engagement increased 75%!

**Please forgive the audio at the end of this video – Hangouts went wonky and audio messed up.


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  1. The video with Vicky was extremely interesting. There are soo much take aways in this one. Thanks!!

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