The cure for a lack of LIVE viewers

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“I’ve tried LIVE, but I don’t get many viewers.”

Sound like you?

Are you getting discouraged by low numbers of viewers when you go live? Find yourself wondering why that is and what you can do to raise those numbers?

Listen to the audio version:

Numbers are not the most important thing

There’s always a temptation to go with the platform that provides the most viewers. And this is where I’m going to say something counter-intuitive: The numbers DON’T MATTER. It’s not nearly as important that you have big numbers, as it is that the viewers are the RIGHT viewers. Make sure you’re reaching the people your content is designed for, who will benefit from it. Descriptions and titles can be a huge part of getting those right viewers. Think about who you’re trying to pull in and what phrases they might be searching on. Those become your hashtags and keywords.

Don’t forget the replay audience

Danny Skarka, a member of our community, did a live stream that had 5 viewers. That could be disappointing, right? BUT, he got 7,800 views of the recording over the following 3 day! And he did that twice! This is what I call “the afterlive”. 🙂 Don’t forget that a very important piece of the puzzle is replay viewers. You pick up a huge number of people who watch your live show after it’s no longer live. And that’s ok – not everyone has a schedule that can match your live schedule. The vast majority of your audience will watch your live show in a recorded form.

Time spent investing in engagement

Another point to remember is you need to have invested in your community to get them to show up for you. That takes time, and lots of back and forth engagement in social media. If you haven’t done that yet, you can’t expect huge numbers of viewers to show up for you.


We can’t say this often enough: CONSISTENCY! A big part of building an audience has to do with getting that audience to trust you. And know when to look for you. A scheduled show time, that you stick to, will build those habits and get you an audience that trusts that if they show up, so will you.

Put your message out there

No one is going to promote you like you will. Don’t rely on someone else’s social media algorithms to magically create your audience for you. You need to be out there promoting your brand and your message to build your own audience. If you broadcast on Facebook, you need to be promoting that in other places, like Twitter and Snapchat. Be your own advocate!

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