The 7 Biggest Workflow Mistakes You’re Making with Wirecast

Luria Petrucci 07.03.2017 0 comments

If you’re doing your LIVE show at Level 3 (running it through a computer, but not one dedicated to only processing video), you’ll need some sort of processing software to help you get the job done. Wirecast is a very popular option, and I sat down with Vicky Lashenko of the Mompreneur Show to share her tips on the mistakes people make when they start using Wirecast and how to avoid them.

1. Using Crappy Equipment

Budgets for equipment are always a battle when doing a LIVE show, but video processing is very demanding, and if you are using a computer that is not up to the task, that will come through loud and clear in the show you send out. Check out the minimum system requirements for the software you want to run, and take them seriously!

2. Doing Everything on the Same Computer

This stems out of the same issues as above. You have a limited set of system resources, and everything you’re running on the same system, whether it’s a web browser, Skype, or whatever else, are chipping away at the total and slowing down the processing of your video. Don’t over-burden your system!

3. Not Layering Complexity

Every detail you add to your show should be a step on the ladder. Lower thirds, bringing in guests remotely, streaming to multiple platforms at once – all are awesome goals. Don’t attempt to do all of them when you’re first starting out! Each is a new level of complexity. Bring them in one at a time, as you feel like you’ve mastered juggling everything that’s come before them. Start out simple and build one step at a time.

4. Hitting “Go Live” Too Soon

You’re eager to go live, that enthusiasm is what’s driving you forward. But… make sure you don’t go live before you’re ready. Use a checklist to be certain everything is ready and before you hit the button. If you don’t make sure everything is ready, something won’t be. Catch that thing before your audience is watching!

5. Not Putting Effort Into Graphics

Computers make professional graphics very easy – but they can still get messed up. And you still need good quality images no matter how smoothly they glide onto the screen. If graphics aren’t one of your talents, do yourself a favor and find someone (maybe someone in your audience) who is a graphics wiz, like our own Paul Dixon.

6. Doing an Update Before You Go Live

Updates are important to make sure you’re running the newest version of the software. But an update is changes. Sometimes a lot of changes. Don’t bring those in just before you go live or you might find yourself sitting in front of software you don’t know how to operate. Learn how to work the changes when the audience ISN’T watching.

7. Overcomplicating It

A lot of us just do this naturally. We make things more complicated than they need to be. Particularly if we are learning something new. Keep it simple, and make sure you have a good grip on all the moving parts before adding a new one.

Which one of these sounds most like you? Do you have other tips for problems to avoid? Tell us about them in the comments!

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