How to LIVE stream everywhere with Switchboard Joicaster

David Foster 12.05.2016 0 comments

There are a lot of platforms you can live stream your videos to. We don’t recommend streaming to too many places (we limit it to the number of places we can keep up with comments), but getting your message out to multiple places can have advantages when you feel you’re ready for it.

We use Wirecast, which sends a single stream to Joicaster, which then sends our shows to multiple platforms at once, like Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube. Joicaster doesn’t replace your current switching and streaming software – it works with it to send your stream to multiple places.

Joicaster has a ton of streaming services built in, and for any you want to use that aren’t pre-configured, there’s a Custom RTMP option.

You can find Joicaster here, and if you use our coupon code “livestreamingpros” you can get $10 off. Check out the video for the full walkthrough of using Joicaster, and if you’ve got any questions, ask them in the comments! And, check out our interview with Rudy Ellis from Switchboard (the company behind Joicaster) here.

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0 thoughts on “How to LIVE stream everywhere with Switchboard Joicaster”

  1. Worst experience of my life! Added 4 destinations (Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Periscope and Youtube). Hit Broadcast Now and then got a message that I could not go live because my free plan only allows for 3 destinations. So I upgraded to the individual plan for $9.99 per month. Hit the Broadcast Now button but got some message that my plan does not allow for custom RMTP. So I upgraded to have the custom RMTP for $12.99 per month. Hit the Broadcast Now button and got another message that said I could not broadcast because at most my plan only allows for 1 custom RMTP. All this product is good for is telling you that you cant go live because of such and such a reason. Pure garbage that I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy! Immediately cancelled my account and will never go near this product again. I mean seriously, how hard can it be to simulcast to the 4 most common live video platforms without getting some message every single time that you cant go live for such and such a reason?

    • Hey Jade. What you have to do is have 2 custom RTMPS and then use the API for Facebook. That’s what we do. That’ll give you your profile and a page. Then use rtmp for YouTube and periscope. That’s how we do it. They are launching a whole new version that’s going to be much more clear. I feel your frustration. I had to deal with that at the beginning too. I think I’ll update the post to reflect that. Sorry about the bad experience. I’m sure once the new version is available all of this will be cleared up.

  2. Thank you so much David for the quick reply! And thank you for explaining exactly what I must do to get it to work. I’m also pleased to know that you understand my frustration. I just really wanted it to work so badly, but I kept hitting a brick wall and then I voiced my frustrations a little more harshly than I should have.

    The truth is that I love the Joicaster interface, as well as the social sharing tools they have implemented. I also think that productivity wise it would be a lot of fun to be able to broadcast over several channels at the same time in order to increase engagement and not have to do a separate live video for each individual network. That’s really why I wanted it to work so badly, and why I got easily frustrated when it didn’t work.

    I’m going to give it another try with the option for two custom RTMPs, as you have suggested. Their support team also made the same suggestion. By the way, their support team was really quick to answer me, and that reflects very well on them. Let me conclude by saying that you are free to delete my comment above, since as mentioned, I may have voiced my frustrations a little more harshly than I should have.

    Last but not least, I really think that you and Luria are doing a great job! You are very helpful in educating folks like me about live streaming. I love getting your emails and watching your YouTube videos! And soon, once the University session has ended, I will gladly sign up for one of your courses! 🙂

    • No, I don’t want to delete it so that others who may have the same issue can see the solution. It’s OK to get frustrated sometimes. Especially doing live video lol. Glad it all worked out. Keep us posted. And yes, their support is great.

  3. Tried using Joicaster this morning, attempting to broadcast to YT and FB but I got a warning message saying that FB Terms & Conditions do not allow simultaneous streaming to any other platform. Is this right?

    • Yes Manu that is right – you need to set up a CustomRTMP for YouTube.

      David – where can we get the settings to enter into Joicaster for this please?

  4. Have you tried “Wirecast Go” or any other mobile solution with Switchboard/Joicaster? I am looking to always shoot from a phone.

    • Tried Wirecast Go. It was okay, but needed improvement. Check out Switcher Go or Switcher Studio.

  5. Thanks so much. Was confused in choosing between the broadcasting software’s. Joicaster seems to be the perfect solution for my needs. Going to set up my studio in couple of weeks and finalizing software requirements is huge task than physical construction. Its really not easy. Let me try and see with your suggestion.


  6. I need a platform where I can simulcast using split screens for like panel discussions and interviews. Can Joicaster do that? I’ve tried searching their FAQ’s but I could not find anything on this

    • It is not the platform to multicast that would give you those capabilities. That happens on the software end. You can do that with the software we recommend, which is vMix.

    • It’s been a very long time since we used Tricaster because of the complexities of doing that… I believe they have a plugin to allow for that these days.

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