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expand your reach virtual live Summit


Learn from top content creators & entrepreneurs to reach a bigger audience, increase your engagement & make more money in 2022!

Recorded Video | Short Form Content | Live Video



content creators


Recorded Video | Short Form | Live Video

Whatever kind of video content you’re creating, you’ll learn how to do it more effectively…

and how to use multiple types of video together!

FEATURED speakers...

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
 & Top Marketing Expert

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income
& Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

Derral Eves
Derral Eves

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author “The YouTube Formula”

Stu Mclaren

Founder of Tribe and Searchie

Michael Stelzner
Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World

Harris Heller

Copyright Free Music + Top YouTube & Twitch Streamer

Keenya Kelly

TikTok for Business: branding and video marketing expert

Thomas Frank

Leading YouTuber, Author & Podcaster on Productivity & Personal Development

Roberto Blake
Roberto blake

Personal Branding, YouTube Strategy & The Creator Economy

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Popular YouTuber, Podcaster & Blogger on Apple Related Content


“The Stream Professor” with Streaming Related Tech Reviews & Education

Gerald Undone
Gerald Undone

Popular YouTuber Reviewing Tech & Gadgets related to the Creative Process

Leslie Samuel
leslie samuel

Online Business Coach for Entrepreneurs & Popular “Interactive Biology” Channel

Dave Wiskus
Dave Wiskus

Represents MKBHD, EposVox, LegalEagle & Top YouTubers Owner of Standard.tv

Jessica Walman
Jessica Walman

Facebook Ads: Helping Entrepreneurs Scale 6 and 7 Figure Launches

Dee nimmin

Top YouTube Channel for Mobile Creators

Molly Mahoney
Molly Mahoney

Social Media & Video Strategist Helping Experts Grow Their Businesses

Nika Stewart
Nika Stewart

Short Form Content and Creator of The Viral Video Formula

Melanie Dyann

Helping Female Creators & Entrepreneurs Find Your Inner Badass!

Christina Ethridge
Christina Ethridge

Helps Entrepreneurs & Creators Double Your Email Open Rates

Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu

Social Media Strategist & Host of Lights, Camera, Live

Owen Video
Owen Video

Live Streaming and YouTube Consultant for 6 Figure Businesses

Cat Mulvihill

Create Professional & Engaging Online Presentations

christian ready

Your friendly neighborhood Astronomer, tech strategist, and professor

Shelly Saves the day

Video Editing Coach and YouTube Strategist

Nicky Saunders

Instagram and Content Strategist promoting Authenticity

jessie gender

Content Creator, Star Trek lover, warrior for equality, and LGBTQIA advocate

Linus Sebastian

OG Tech YouTuber! Ranked the most-watched technology channel on YouTube

Mr. Thank You

John Israel: Speaker, Coach, advocate for Human Connection

Blue Melnick

Co-founder of Sage Events, and Virtual Event Expert

Rob balasabas

Head of Partnerships at Uscreen, YouTuber, Podcaster, Content Creator 

Katie Fawkes

Director of Marketing at Ecamm, Video Trends Expert



You want to stop spinning your wheels and know that your video content is ACTUALLY WORKING for you! 

The videos you release should build your reputation, get you more viewers, and make you more money… so that you can have a GREATER IMPACT on this world!

…. even if you don’t have a ton of resources or time! 

At this event, you will finally know WHAT TO SPEND YOUR TIME ON (‘cause let’s face it… you can’t do it all!), and you’ll be able to move forward with CONFIDENCE!

what is it exactly?

“Expand Your Reach” is a 3-Day Virtual Event that will help you grow your audience and grow your revenue with video content (recorded, live and short form) in 2022 and beyond!

And now YOU can get access to the recordings!

You’ll learn from the best of the best doing amazing things across platforms, and you’ll walk away with an ACTION PLAN for your next steps to grow your channel!


The recordings are NOW AVAILABLE for you to access and watch AT YOUR OWN LEISURE!

How can I watch the recordings?

All the recordings can be watched on any internet-connected device you have, whether it be your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

What If...

I’ve already got a channel that has an audience and is making money? Is this going to help me?
The thing is… you can never stop learning and growing and experimenting with new techniques!

Breathe NEW LIFE into your video content strategy to take your channel to the NEXT LEVEL!





Open your mind to POSSIBILITIES! What’s working in 2022 across platforms. Discover new strategies for growth & monetization!


Get into the nitty gritty! Develop strategies beyond an idea, and get strategic about how you can use this information in your content!


Sessions focused on helping you understand how to push content (even if it’s not perfect) and optimize to maximize results!



$ 247
  • INSTANT Access to All REPLAYS
  • BONUS Session Package (coming soon)


Make sure to set aside time in your schedule to watch the videos!




Here are the POWERFUL and INSPIRING speakers that you’ll have access to when you purchase the recordings!

Amy Porterfield



Amy went from not wanting to be on video at ALL… to using a LOT of  LIVE Video during her Launch promotions & inside her Membership!

Learn how she uses LIVE strategically alongside video, podcasting and email to grow sales… and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, Amy Porterfield is the owner of a mult-million dollar business where she helps entrepreneurs grow their email list, create digital courses and launch using webinars.


Integrating memberships with your content

Stu is the found of Tribe and Searchie! He’s worked closely with thousands of coaches and speakers over the last 12 years to help them increase their REACH and REVENUE through membership integration!

Learn how to integrate memberships into your content creation to help generate more revenue for you and your brand!

Through an in-depth Q&A with Luria and Stu, get into some of the nitty-gritty of running your own membership program, and how it can help grow your community!

Derral Eves

derral eves

YouTube Growth Strategies for beginner and experienced creators

Derral Eves is the CEO of Creatus, a video marketing and strategy company. Derral consults some of the biggest YouTubers in the world. He has helped 27 YouTube channels go from zero to more than a million subscribers, and he has generated 67 billion views on YouTube. He is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue.

Derral is founder and executive producer of The Chosen, the highest grossing crowdfunded movie project of all time. He was featured on the Forbes list “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business, “alongside Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Derral’s career passion and personal mission is to help individuals, brands, and businesses make a positive impact in the world.

Pat flynn

lessons learned from 365 days of live

During the Pandemic, Pat went LIVE for 365 days – 1 full year! What did he learn? What does he do differently now to merge Recorded Video and LIVE Video strategically? He’ll give you his best tips for success in 2022!

Pat Flynn owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 70 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor to ConvertKit, LeadPages, Teachable, and other companies in the digital marketing arena.

Michael Stelzner

Michael stelzner


Mike will be sharing all about the ins and outs of putting together a live news show… the challenges, the lessons learned and the best tips for delivering and engaging!


Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner, author of the books Launch and Writing White Papers, and the man behind Social Media Marketing World –the industry’s largest conference. He’s also host of the Social Media Marketing podcast and founder of the Social Media Marketing Society.

Harris Heller

copyright free music

This is NOT an area you can ignore in 2022! STOP using music in your shorts, videos and live videos that will get you strikes or worse, your channel suspended! No matter what platform you use, you NEED to understand the ins and outs of Copyright Free Music.

Harris is just the person to speak on it because he’s flipped the industry on its head with his original songs at Stream Beats, which offers FREE music that won’t get you suspended! His passion for the topic comes from his extensive experience as a Twitch & YouTube creator himself! His Alpha Gaming YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers where helps streamers grow their own channels!

Molly Mahoney

Molly Mahoney


Molly is the Queen of Imperfect!!! And yet… she owns a Million Dollar business! Get INSPIRED to throw the need for perfection in the trash, and make more money in 2022 because you’re focused on only what matters! She’ll share her story of how imperfect and fast action saved her launch when Facebook went down for 6 hours!

Molly is a digital strategist who specializes in creating authentic Facebook video content and leveraging Bots to skyrocket sales. After her video reached one million organically, she developed her signature “Go Live And Monetize” GLAM method. She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine and seen speaking at Social Media Marketing World

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie liu

repurposing content easily & quickly!

Repurposing content is one of the best things you can do to Expand Your Reach! Get your content out to more people in more ways. 

But it can be stressful and overwhelming… NOT ANYMORE!

Stephanie will help you understand why it’s so important and how to create a quick and easy repurposing workflow!

Dave Wiskus

Dave wiskus


Dave’s company, Standard.tv, represents Top YouTubers like MKBHD, Legal Eagle, EposVox, Philosophy Tube,  Casual Geographic and more! Standard also provides a range of creator services. The amount of data they have gathered about what works well and what doesn’t when it comes to sponsorships is INVALUABLE! 

Learn how to get sponsorships, what mistakes to avoid, and how to implement your sponsor integrations so you get the best possible conversions!

Thomas Frank

your routines that drive success

Thomas Frank is a Productivity Master! Since creating content can often feel like a hamster wheel and burnout is a reality…

Learn how to manage yourself with routines that lessen the burden and set you up for success!

Rene Ritchie

Rene ritchie

how to figure out what works to grow your channel!

There are lots and lots and lots of strategies you can use and advice you hear about what it takes to grow your YouTube channel. 

But… what works for one channel might not work for another. Rene will share how he strategically tests ideas so that he can lean into what ACTUALLY grows his audience and revenue!

Owen Video

Owen Video

authenticity: hardships & vulnerability

While going through a fierce battle with cancer, Owen leaned into Authenticity… getting VULNERABLE with his community!  Whatever your content… you must learn to share your tough times (while avoiding the overshare!) and that will lead to a loyal audience! When you take your hardships, and turn them into positivity for your community… it leads to AMAZING results!
Nika Stewart

nika stewart


Learn The Viral Video Formula, Nika’s process for growing your audience with Short Form Content like TikTok and YouTube Shorts!

Short-form video specialist, Nika Stewart helps experts show up and shine as the unique, brilliant superstars they are, so they can get the recognition they deserve. She is the host of the weekly livestream Rise & SHINE.

Christina Ethridge

Christina ethridge

double your email open rates

Christina will walk you through how to double your open rates and create a deeper connection with your email list subscribers… so they WANT to open your emails without you having to beg!!! If you don’t already have an email list, this is something that should be on your “must do” list for 2022!

Cat mulivhill

vocal enhancements: be more effective!

Every time you talk on camera… you’re sending a message. But is it the one you WANT to be sending?

Cat will help you improve HOW you speak so your videos and message are more clear and more effective… withOUT changing WHO YOU ARE!

Cat Mulvihill is a skilled speaker, trainer and facilitator who teaches people how to create more engaging and professional online presentations. She has over 15 years of experience leading workshops and programs, and after being forced to transition to the virtual format, Cat learned how to leverage tools and techniques to stand out as an online presenter. 

Melanie Dyann howe

it can be scrappy... but it doesn't have to be crappy!

Melanie Dyann Howe believes that “you can be scrappy, but it doesn’t have to be crappy”! She’s masterful at making it work regardless of your resources or experience level!

keenya kelly


Keenya Kelly is the CEO of If You brand It, a marketing and consulting firm in San Diego, CA where she strategically helps business owners understand the value of marketing their businesses online through video. 

In 2020, Keenya decided to learn about the TikTok platform as a way to market her business during the pandemic. In just 12 short months Keenya has grown her account to over 400,000 followers and has helped clients reach millions. 

Keenya has since worked with hundreds of business owners teaching how to market their products and services using short form video. 

Gerald Undone

gerald undone


This Panel will cover all the ins and outs of building a channel and reputation with Product Reviews. 

How large does your channel have to be to get review products? How do you get them? What to do. What NOT to do. The difference between a product review and a sponsorship. How to make it a win for you and your audience!


grow an audience with product reviews

Adam, known as EposVox, has been creating YouTube content for over 13 years! He’s best known for his “TECHxpertise,” and engaging reviews. As a panelist (on “Growing an Audience with Product Reviews”), he’ll help uncover the ins and outs of building a channel and creating a positive reputation with communities and companies using Product Reviews!

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake

the business of youtube

If you want to succeed on YouTube, you MUST approach it with the right mindset! YouTube AdSense is NOT going to be your ticket to a video career! How you think about your content, and making money through YouTube, will set the tone for your future!

Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel


Create an ACTIONABLE Plan to Monetization! Leslie will walk you through a proven process to identify your message, create your Value Pyramid (it’s not about selling… it’s about providing different levels of value), and how to create the right kind of content that facilitates viewers moving through the pyramid that in turn makes you money. A value-first approach leads to happy revenue!



This panel will show you what things you must do and think about in order to be successful on YouTube. You’ll get a whole picture view of the tools you need… and what you ACTUALLY should spend time on (vs all the other stuff that’ll be a distraction)!

Nicky Saunders

Growing your brand with instagram

In the world of content creation and social media strategy, Nicky Saunders is an influential voice who educates on growing an online presence with techniques that are organic and impactful. As a personal branding specialist, Nicky is here to lay down some REAL Instagram Strategies that will, not only grow your brand, but will help you feel comfortable sharing your stories in a way that’s true to YOU!

Mr. Thank You

The Importance of Showing Gratitude

Sometimes, Humanity gets lost in tech translation. John Israel, also known as “Mr. Thank You,” is here to teach us how important GRATITUDE is in keeping humanity in our business and intentions. 

Linus Tech

Maximizing your merch

Everyone wants cool gear to represent and support your brand – but where in the world do you START?! What are the benefits of having merchandise? Linus, OG Tech YouTuber, is going to throw down answers to these questions so you can start giving your community the cool stuff they want; while making a little extra moolah from it, too!

shelly saves the day

panel on youtube growth

Shelly, best known for her expertise on Vertical Video and Tubebuddy, is laying down the law on YouTube growth in this panel. From techniques on Keyword research to overall accessibility, Shelly’s got ya covered!


Youtube growth panelist

Christian Ready, your friendly neighborhood astronomer, is a professor by day and a YouTuber by night! What started as a fun project to help his students, has turned into a channel with over 100k subscribers! Christian is ready to share some out-of-this-world knowledge on YouTube growth in this panel.

rob balasabas

the power of affiliates

Affiliate programs are an AWESOME way to increase your revenue, and build a community. Rob, Head of Partnerships at Uscreen, is an affiliate marketing strategist who loves creating content as much as he loves drinking coffee! Learn the importance of affiliate marketing, and how it increases your revenue and reach!

Jessie gender

Getting real with your community

It’s our duty as creators to spread positive messages and make an impactful difference; sometimes, that means talking about the hard stuff. Jessie Gender is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to discussing serious topics. She’s here to share the importance of being an advocate for you AND your community – no matter how difficult it may feel. 

blue melnick

growing with virtual events

Cofounder of Sage Events, founder of interactive platform Obvio, Blue Melnick, is a virtual events expert who believes that the power of virtual events should go BEYOND “just another Zoom meeting.” Through virtual events, Blue has accumulated $175 million, in revenue, JUST in 2020! 

Discover the benefits of hosting successful events for 5 to over 50,000 people, virtually!

Katie fawkes

trends in video

If you’re part of the #ecammfam, you already know this awesome person – Katie Fawkes! Director of Marketing at Ecamm, Katie has over 15 years of experience in growing brand awareness and building strong customer communities; she’s been working in the live streaming & video production space for the last three years. Katie has lots of great insights for you on how video trends can and should impact your strategies for growing your channel.

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