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No HASSLE with a "Set it & Forget It" Setup!

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michael hyatt's studio


This is Michael Hyatt's studio that he uses for LIVE Video and recorded videos.

Access the Free Gear Guide for Michael's studio here!


Ryan levesque's studio

Ryan is still tweaking his studio with a background, but take a look behind the scenes at the building process! 


Interested in having us do the setup for you?

We only work with select clients because this is a very intimate experience. We're in your home or office for about a week to do the installation, and we must work very closely with you. The relationship has to be one of mutual respect!

Every build is DIFFERENT because YOU and YOUR GOALS are different! We don't fit you into a box, and our goal is to make your studio one you're proud of, excited by and anxious to use often! 

If you're not prepared to spend $30,000 minimum on a studio build, this service isn't for you. Please take our Free Tech Workshop to get started creating your own LIVE video setup.

If you're ready to have a TV Quality studio built for you so you don't have to figure out the tech yourself, email us here.

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