Create a Simple & professional Video studio!

for recorded video, LIVE Video & podcasting!

Hint: the tech does NOT have to be overwhelming!






Take Your Video Quality to the Pro Level!


  • Gain INSTANT Credibility!
  • Grow Your Audience
  • Feel more CONFIDENT!
  • Record videos without the need to edit
  • Increase Engagement during LIVE!
  • "Set It & Forget It" No. More. Excuses!
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities

ONE Setup for it ALL!


  • Record Videos
  • LIVE Video
  • Podcasting
  • Interviews
  • Course Videos
  • Webinars

cnn quality... all by yourself!

one-person production

You can look as good as the big boys who have hundreds of production crew members…

And run it ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!

All you need is a few key pieces of gear and to know how to set it up!

Live Streaming Pros takes multi-million dollar budgets and workflow ideas for your studio, and trims that down and makes that accessible to an individual broadcaster. That’s powerful! You have a great gift having Luria and David as your instructor!
Mario Armstrong
The TODAY Show
If you're serious about taking your Video Production or LIVE Streams to the next level, I couldn't recommend more highly Luria & David!
Michael Hyatt
Best Selling Author &
Top Marketing Expert

That's exactly what we did for these clients:

Amy Porterfield

Michael Hyatt

Pat Flynn

Donald Miller

Ryan Levesque

Kayse Morris

Benji Travis

Sean Cannell

Derral Eves

we charge $15,000 to build these custom studios


Because we’ve worked hard to drill down the EXACT 4 Step Process we use to build our clients’ custom studios (learn more below) into a DIY workshop that helps you achieve the SAME RESULTS for only $67!

Yep! That’s all. Why? Because we want EVERYONE to have a YOUnique and Professional Video Studio, not just a select few!

So we’re making a deal with you. 

You do the actual building and assembling… and we’ll share everything we know with you. 


How’s that for a good deal? 🤣

LIVE Video is something I've struggled with in the past. I don't necessarily love being on camera, but I know it is important for the growth of my business! When I was ready to take the next step, I hired Live Streaming Pros to build my in-home TV Quality Studio. Luria and David, have been there for me at every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have them by my side!
Amy Porterfield
Top Marketing Strategist & Top Podcast
"Online Marketing Made Easy"


The good news is, you don’t have to do everything all at once!

With our unique “Phased Approach”, you can build your studio over time, and as budget allows!

We give you a Gear Kit based on your budget and walk you through how to make the right purchase decisions for where you are right now, that won’t lead to wasted money in the future!!!

No more buying gear that won’t work! YAY!

A YOUniquely You™ Studio!

Add PERSONALITY to your videos! 

Through your video background, you can draw in your ideal audience and create an environment that makes them feel warm and welcome and ready to hear what you have to say!

We’ll show you how to build a background that screams personality… no matter how big or small your space is!


4x6 corner

spare bedroom

unfinished basement

And the cool thing?

it doesn't even have to be pretty!

it only matters what the camera sees

You only need to clear out a space large enough for the camera to see. The magic of video! 🙂

This is Donna Mavromates’ unfinished basement that she turned into a studio set. Her viewers would never know!!!

got a SHAred space?


We can help you transform a space that gets used for other things (office space, kitchen, dining room, etc) so you can quickly and easily move from one use to another, as often as you need to!

I'm now setup in the corner of my unfinished basement. No one would ever know that's where I record from! It's a great workshop!
Donna Mavromates
Mavro Creative
Before I took this workshop, I was using a corner of the living room to record my baking and cake decorating videos. But after watching this workshop I decided to go all out and build a proper kitchen set. I was inspired by your constant talks about professionalism and standing out from the crowd so people will take you seriously!
Maria Makanjuola
Sweet Cake TV

Look inside:
the professional video studio workshop!

In this Workshop, you’ll be taken through 4 Simple Steps to help you create your Video Studio without confusion, overwhelm, or wasted money

Time to discover Confidence, Instant Credibility, Audience Growth and new Business Opportunities!


Planning is by far the MOST important part of building your studio because if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll make tons of mistakes along the way!

  • Determine your desired look & feel
  • How to choose the right space
  • How To plan Your layout
  • Order your gear
  • With our Phased Approach, you can add gear over time!

Step 2: build

We de-complicate the process of building out your studio!

  • How To Setup your Studio
  • Create a Set Background that's full of PERSONALITY!
  • Audio Techniques
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Tips for Shared Spaces (Kitchens, Offices, etc)

step 3: record & edit

Using your studio for recording and editing

  • Software Recommendations
  • Mac & PC!
  • How to setup the software for recording

step 4: live video

Using your studio for LIVE Video

  • Software Recommendations
  • Mac & PC!
  • How to setup the software for streaming
  • How to Simulcast to Multiple Platforms at once

Setup a Professional Video Studio

Landed a partnership for training with a successful author... at $25,000 for each training! She was shocked at how well my videos were done and how my tech was handled. I'm in tears knowing how far I have come! Thank you so much for your guidance in building my video studio and your support! I am pretty much in shock!
Barbara Woods



LIVE VIDEO Technologist

I help you nail down the tech! From Video and LIVE Video gear to software, I’ll simplify it all so you can stress less!

I built a business using video that generated over 1 million dollars in revenue, and built a raving community of customers through being completely authentic… tattoos and all!

I constantly push the limits of tech so that you don’t have to! I love to play with tech to figure out the BEST gear and setups!

I’ve built Video Studios for Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Donald Miller, Hay House Publishing, Benji Travis, Sean Cannell and more influencers!



I’m focused on helping you grow your audience & business with LIVE Video through a solid strategy while also having FUN!

I’ve been doing video & LIVE Video for 13 years. I’ve created over 5,000 videos with over 1 Billion views, and built a loyal audience of over 2 million followers. I’ve appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, ABC & BBC.

I’ve worked on LIVE Video for top brands like AT&T, Samsung, GoDaddy, and Panasonic.

All that from a shy girl who never wanted to be in front of the camera. I LOVE to share all this knowledge with you at Live Streaming Pros to help you achieve your goals! If I can do this, you can do it!!!

Thank God for Luria Petrucci and David Foster! They helped me create my biggest $ making income stream using my new Video Studio along with LIVE video. They took me from complete beginner and had me up and running in a professional setup in no time!!
Joe Colantonio
I never would have thought a couple years ago that I could do what I'm doing now with a Professional LIVE Video Setup! I'm not a techie, but now I'd call myself a trainee geek with the help of David. I could NOT have taken this journey without Live Streaming Pros! I couldn't recommend them enough!
Fiona Clarke
CV Studio

video studio

1 Workshop
$ 67
  • How To Setup a Professional Video Studio
  • Recorded Video, LIVE Video & Podcasting
  • TECH: Cameras, Audio, Lighting, Software
  • Create a Set Background
  • Step by Step Training!

Available February 2020

LIVE Video Blueprint

Pre-Order BUNDLE
3 Workshops
$ 67
  • #1: Professional Video Studio (February)
  • Everything from the Studio Workshop, plus...
  • #2: Advanced LIVE Video Software (March)
  • Normally $67
  • Workshop #3: LIVE Video Strategy (Spring)
  • Normally $67
  • Pre Order Bundle DISCOUNT!
  • Normally $201... SAVE $104!
Students Only!