Your 3 Part LIVE streaming strategy

Luria Petrucci 12.31.2016 0 comments

LIVE video is hot right now, and it’s only getting MORE popular! If you’re not sure why it matters, watch my video called “Why Live video matters for business”.

But if you just jump in without actually understanding it, it won’t be effective for you!

So many people get excited about the hot new thing, do it without knowing what works and what doesn’t, then they don’t see results, then they give up quickly.

I don’t want that to happen to you. So here’s the deal. You need to be thinking about LIVE as a marketing strategy and a way to create know, like and trust.

Here’s what your 3-part strategy looks like.

Part 1: Your SHOW

You have to be CONSISTENT with your streams. Our live show is every weekday – 5 days a week. That’s probably too much for you at first!

So set a day and time each week that you go live. Your live “show” is every Monday at 10 AM … or whenever you decide. But it’s the same time and day every week. You’re going to focus on providing massive amounts of VALUE each and every week. This builds trust. It creates a habit with your viewers. They can put it on THEIR calendar! And it PROVES you’re an expert in your field because you’re going to be talking about what they need to know.

You’ll have a call to action in these which will drive traffic to a lead magnet or membership site or a product…

Part 2: Fun Streams!

You’re going to do some random streams. At least one a week where you go live at a random time and even from a random location! Show behind the scenes at your office. Get a new puppy? Go LIVE and show us! These streams are all about building a relationship with your viewers. Opening up the curtain and being HUMAN.

During these random streams, don’t forget to let people know you have a weekly show!

Part 3: The After Live

The After Live is the life of your video AFTER the stream is over. Just because you’re not live anymore doesn’t mean it can’t still work for you!

You need to promote the stream after you’re done, in addition to before you go LIVE. You need to repurpose the content, and that can be done in a variety of ways. But the most important thing is that you don’t go LIVE, then forgettaboutit. That video has SO much potential!

And let’s be real honest here. Like all marketing strategies it’ll take a little time to see the results you want. So DON’T GIVE UP if you don’t get a lot of people on your first couple streams! Commit to doing this for 6 months. And use your other social platforms and your email list to draw attention to the fact that you have a LIVE show!

I go deeper into this topic in a video called “The Cure for a Lack of LIVE Viewers”, so go watch that one too.

So… this is your strategy. But now, where do you start with LIVE video? It’s a whole big world out there! So if you’re going to do it right… I’d suggest taking our quiz to find out what kind of live streamer you are, and you’ll get a free LIVE video guide that’ll detail where you should start based on your goals. Not someone elses. Yours.

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  1. I liked that you have the Beatles albums chronologically sorted out 🙂 happy new year guys.

  2. Luria, I really like your presentation style. Question: Are you speaking extemporaneously or are you using a teleprompter?

    • Thanks Kirk! On this video, it’s prompted. I do both, just depending on the format needed. 🙂

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