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Thursday, September 27th @ 10 AM Pacific

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Amy Porterfield ~ Webinars That Convert

I used to do only slides and voiceover on my webinars. But I love the idea of doing more direct to camera (where they see your face).


And Luria and David helped me set up my video studio, so they’ve been really instrumental in me doing more video.


So I did it with List Builders Lab. I was on video the whole time during my webinar. And I KNOW it made a difference. I know our conversion rate was higher. And I know my audience connected with me on a deeper level.


It’s so incredibly valuable for people to connect with you, and because video is becoming more and more popular around all social media channels, people are very used to seeing video now. They want to see your face.


Even if you don’t feel comfortable on video, I think it’s important to experiment with it.


Thursday, September 27th @ 10 AM Pacific


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Jenny Richards ~ RumblesPaleo.com

"I've never before experienced a webinar like the way Luria does her webinars! With the face-to-face interaction, I felt like she was talking to ME, and immediately my trust in her was enhanced! Because of the visual nature, I believed her to be more "human"! Her little quirks and little fumbles made me like her even more because it made her REAL

It was the best webinar experience I've ever had, which is why I bought her awesome course! 

Petra Verbruggen ~ Designikwel.nl

"Studies show that 55% of effective communication is based on body language. Only 7% is spoken word. 

That's why I LOVE Live Streaming Pros' formula for webinars so much! I can SEE the presenter, which makes the experience more intimate and inviting. Actually... it makes it easier to understand the content, too.

In normal webinars, I'm just on the receiving end, but with the Advanced Webinar Formula, I feel encouraged to ask questions. And I get answers quickly!

Cut the cord on voiceover Powerpoint presentations! I would recommend their Webinar Formula any time!


Thursday, September 27th @ 10 AM Pacific

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