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" I look forward to speaking at your event! My promise to you is that I will not only educate your audience so they have a clear understanding of WHY they need to use live streaming and online video in their marketing strategy to build and strengthen a brand online, but I will also leave them ready to take action in an engaging and interactive keynote! "

Why Luria?

Luria helps you start, grow and monetize your live streaming show, so you can establish your expertise, build your audience, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

She is a pioneer in the podcasting and live streaming world. Since 2005, she's grown an audience of 2 million social media followers, and has produced and hosted video & live streams for her own community (Geeks Life), Samsung, Panasonic, AT&T, OnStar, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS, Monster Cable, Bausch + Lomb, and BBC Click.

She and her partner, David, are the creators of the 1st Facebook LIVE Daily show. Pushing the boundaries of what Facebook LIVE is and can be, they and their guests offer actionable tips to the audience in a fun & interactive show.

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Know what you're getting...

As a speaker, Luria will educate, inspire and engage the audience at your event.

"Luria's keynote was the highlight of our user conference. She's engaging, smart and entertaining -- without a hint of arrogance. Each attendee left inspired."

- Chad Johnson, Corepoint Health Conference Organizer
"Luria Petrucci presented an entertaining look at technology. The audience of nearly 1500 Bank Executives were inspired by Luria's passion..."

- Fiserv Banking Conference Organizer
"A Must see! Thank you @LuriaPetrucci for joining us!"

- WordCamp Portland Organizer
"Great stuff @LuriaPetrucci she's an authentic, passionate speaker and DYK a @TEDx speaker?"
- Attendee

"@luriapetrucci is super engaging"
- Attendee
"Geeks University's @LuriaPetrucci is rocking it on stage"
- Attendee
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The following topics are examples of her speeches. If there's something you're interested in having her speak about that's outside of these topics, email her to discuss. She'll work with you to make sure the speech is applicable to your event and targeted to your specific audience!

Why LIVE Video is now Your Primary Marketing Strategy... with recorded video served as a side dish!

Luria has been pushing the boundaries of Live Streaming since 2007 and currently runs the 1st Facebook LIVE Daily Show. She's LIVE twice every weekday (some days even more!). She and her students have experience first hand how POWERFUL live video is for your brand!

If you're not using it as a marketing strategy, you need to be, and she'll lay it all out so you understand:

  • Why LIVE video isn't just a fad
  • How it will impact your business' bottom line
  • Why it needs to be your PRIMARY marketing strategy instead of an occasional thing you "play around with"

This will be an eye opening, engaging and entertaining keynote to make sure your attendees are ahead of the social media game!

Maximize Engagement & Sales Through Consistency with a LIVE "Show"

Do you want to create more engagement and get more sales?

Of course you do.

But... do you know your customers names off the top of your head? Do you talk to them regularly? Do you know what they want from you?

The best way to get more engagement is to reciprocate with engagement. You must build a relationship with your customers, and potential customers before they're willing to spend money on you.

You can build the "know, like & trust" factor with a regular live stream series on Facebook LIVE, Periscope or YouTube LIVE.

During this lively, interactive and honest session, you'll learn:

  • WHY you need a regular video or live streaming show to represent your brand
  • WHAT to think about when creating your series
  • HOW to get more engagement using video
  • WHEN to sell to your audience and get sales effectively

This will be an eye opening, engaging and entertaining keynote to make sure your attendees are ahead of the social media game!

5 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Grow Your Brand

(Facebook LIVE, Periscope, YouTube LIVE, etc)

The creator of the 1st Facebook LIVE Daily Show, Luria has been pushing the boundaries of Live Streaming since 2007.

Live Streaming on Facebook LIVE and Periscope is the hot new thing to do! But the big question YOU have to ask yourself is how do you use live streaming to build your brand, generate traffic and increase revenue? Is it REALLY worth spending your precious time on?

The short answer is... YES! Yes, it is worth your time. And in fact, you can use it to catapult your business forward. But how? In this session, you'll walk away with actionable tips to begin your live streaming journey! Afterward, you'll be able to:

  • Determine the best uses of live video in your marketing strategy.
  • 5 specific tactics to use live video to your advantage.
  • Brainstorm live video ideas for your business (no matter what kind of business you're in...even local!).
  • Use live streaming to generate revenue.

Taking Your Video Marketing Strategy to the Next Level with 5 Key Videos

Are you thinking about using video in your marketing strategy? STOP thinking!

Are you already using video in your marketing strategy but you feel you could take it to the next level and make it more effective?

This is a must see session!

You'll learn:
  • What to think about when you're creating your video marketing strategy.
  • 5 important videos that will change the way your customers think about you.
  • How to get a loyal and engaged community!

A pioneer in the online video space, Luria has over 10 years of online video experience. She built her community from zero to 2 million social followers. She's produced and hosted videos for Samsung, Panasonic, AT&T, OnStar, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS, Monster Cable, Bausch + Lomb, BBC Click and more.

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