Should you be using Bots with your LIVE video?

Luria Petrucci 10.06.2017 2 comments

Bots are a big topic in marketing right now. But are bots the right answer for everybody? Are they right for YOU? Let’s dive in and answer that question!

We use bots here to let people grab things like LIVE streaming checklists just by typing a word, like “checklist”, in the comments on Facebook (we’re only doing this on Facebook right now). That causes a Messenger window to pop-up, you opt-in, and a link to the checklist is given. We’re doing the same thing with automatic reminders that we’re LIVE. There are a ton of possibilities!

Bots are most effective in Level 3 and Level 4 setups. That means you’re using a computer to run your stream, either your everyday computer (Level 3) or a dedicated box with a bunch of special hardware like additional cameras and mics (Level 4). Bot activation becomes trickier if you’re streaming from a phone.

If lead growth is a big priority for you, bots are a huge help with that. We have had great results with them, and so have all our students who’ve taken the plunge. If all you’re trying to promote is your site, that might not be worth it, but if you have a marketing funnel with elements you’re gathering leads for, bots are perfect!

They do take a certain amount of time and work. There is stuff you need to learn and understand. And if you don’t have the time to learn a new, somewhat technical thing, bots are probably not for you. BUT – check it out and evaluate what it will require of you. We use ManyChat, which I find to be a great simplifier.

Understand you are bringing people into a funnel with your bots. That means you need to be ready to nurture them as they become new leads for you. If you aren’t set up to nurture new people coming to you, bots can’t complete the picture for you.

And yes, it’s a new thing. That’s a big part of its strength right now; while everyone is talking about them, not everyone is using them. But there’s that “new” thing. If you’re not comfortable with new things in your business plan, bots may not be a good fit for you.

So consider those caveats, but remember that my experience, and the experiences of everyone I’ve talked to who is using bots, has been very impressive. It’s not for EVERYONE, but it may very well be exactly what YOU need!

CLICK HERE to go to this video on FaceBook where you can practice with the Checklist Bot!

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2 thoughts on “Should you be using Bots with your LIVE video?”

  1. Hey Luria, caught this episode and it was a thought-starter for me personally as it is a topic that has been on both mine and my clients’ minds recently. Great bits knowledge gained and agree with the lead naturing portion. Will share this video/url.

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