Repurpose & optimize your LIVE streams for a longer lifespan, with Sean Cannell

Luria Petrucci 04.07.2017 0 comments


What should you say in your LIVE streams to be effective? And when should you say those things? Sequence can be important, and we’re talking to Sean Cannell of THiNK Media TV & Video Influencers about the best ways to get your message across.

Sean says, “Your vibe attracts your tribe” – I love that line, and it sums up his philosophy that personalty powers success in connecting to an audience. LIVE video kind of forces your vibe to come to the surface.

Sean also shared his strategies for repurposing video (like putting it up on your website – like this!). That’s what I call the AfterLive, and it’s a major part of getting as much out of the work you put into your LIVE as possible. Make sure you watch the whole video – it’s packed with great stuff!

Want to get more of Sean? You can check out what he’s doing at Learn YouTube Today and

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