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The Emotional Survival Tool for the Modern Musician

Feel more at ease during your next session, lesson, and performance

Learn life-changing tools you can use TODAY to feel more peace, compassion, and connection to yourself, AND your music.

October 01 @ 7:00pm ET

In this workshop, you will...

As a mental health therapist of over 20 years and having studied with the founder of EFT tapping, along with other masters in the field, I highly recommend Evan's work for his depth of presence, skill and capacity for healing and transformation.
Marie, LMSW
Licensed Therapist and Social Worker


Stress and Self-Judgment have become normalized for Musicians...

... but that doesn't mean they are healthy OR necessary!

Did you know that even many of your heroes in music experience stress, comparison and self judgment? 
You’re NOT the only one in the room (or Instagram) who questions your abilities, social skills, if you’re doing enough to advance your career, or are good enough to even be attempting this profession.
Most of us have learned to put on a good ‘professional’ mask, and need to project the sense of having-it-all-together to appear hirable and desirable. 
This can be incredibly stressful and isolating. 
This stress gets stored in our bodies and normalized as part of the ‘hustle.’ 
Musicians rarely talk about our emotional challenges, and if we do, there are rarely good solutions.  
Our mission is to equip you with techniques that address the specific emotional challenges musicians face, and the unique way we experience them. 
Even if you currently work with therapy (which this class is not a substitute for) you will find powerful distinctions in this approach to emotional work that embraces your nature as a creative, artistic person. 
“Practicing harder” is NOT the answer!
You need to learn and apply the fundamental skills of emotional work, just as you learned them with music. 
Learn these essential skills in this workshop and get 24/7 access to the recording and exercises. 

OVERCOME Constant Comparison

It’s impossible to avoid seeing what other artists are up to these days, and how well they seem to be doing. It IS POSSIBLE to not feel so bad about it – and think about it so much!

CONQUER Self-Judgment

What words come to mind when you have to describe your playing, your career? It’s become ‘normal’ for musicians to have very harsh self-assessments.

THRIVE Through Stress

Many of our emotions around being a musician are linked to our ability to earn, and therefore survive.
“Survival stress” involves our nervous system, fight or flight response and stored trauma! 

Meet the experts

Evan Gregor

Certified EFT Practitioner

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Christian Howes


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