Q&A: Which Social Network Is Right For Me?

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There are SO many social networks! You can choose Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest, Snapchat, Vine, etc, etc. But you don’t possibly have the TIME to spend on all of them… right, ? Which should you choose? Which should you spend YOUR valuable time on?

Today’s Question

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Today, we have TWO questions!

Leslie Samuel asks:

Which social platform is best for somebody to build on?

Floyd Fernandez asks:

What is the easiest social service to reach customers who don’t have tech knowledge?

Today’s Answer

Alright, this is a BIG question in most people’s minds right now! There are WAY too many places you CAN be… where SHOULD you be?

Here’s the process YOU should follow to find the right social network for YOU and YOUR BRAND!

Who is Your Customer?

The first question you have to answer is “who is my customer, and where are they hanging out”?

If you don’t know the answer to that, you’ll be spinning your wheels in the social stratosphere and you will get NOWHERE! So stop doing that.

If you haven’t created your “customer avatar”, you need to figure that out FIRST! Check out John Lee Dumas’ article on how to do it for your business.

Then Choose Your Platforms

Once you know WHO your customer is, THEN, and only then, can you choose the most effective social networks to spend your time on.

Is your customer into the latest and greatest technology? They’ll probably be on the newer, most “of the moment” networks. If your customer is older or not very tech savvy, it’s not as important to be on those fancy new networks unless they become mainstream and your audience DOES go to those platforms.

You have to decide whether you need to be a social butterfly or more mainstream. After you decide that, then you can choose platforms.

SnapChat is a younger audience primarily (13-34 years old) who doesn’t pay attention to brands, but PEOPLE. Your brand can be your personal brand. They watch short videos which disappear after 10 seconds. There are 8 billion video views every day on the platform.

BTW, here’s a FANTASTIC tutorial on Snapchat from Leslie Samuel at Become a Blogger.

Facebook is an older audience (less young people). People are business people and older generations (grandparents).

LinkedIn is all about business people looking to network.

Instagram is being used for both business and play. All about the photos! Share your business through photos… and that can be really powerful!

Google is super powerful and while they’ve had their problems, remember how important it is for search traffic! It is owned by Google, after all. 🙂

Twitter is great for a wide variety of types of customers! I love this network. But it definitely requires more receptiveness than some of the others.

Success is About Attention

You can NOT be everywhere at all times. It’s just impossible. The success you experience on social networks is all about ATTENTION! So the question is… where are you going to focus your attention?

Where are you going to build your audience in the two or three social networks that make sense for YOUR BRAND?

Don’t get caught up with the social pressure of trying to be everywhere.

You can test the market when new platforms are released. But if it’s not right for you, don’t force it.

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  1. Found this really helpful. I am blogging on spirituality and leadership— I’m just getting on FB, have been a long twitter user and am looking to add insta and LInked in possibly. My audience/customer is wide ranging from 25-50 age wise, varying degrees of techyness. Thoughts on whether these four platforms are the right ones?

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