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Gain Instant Credibility & Higher Engagement with Mind Blowing Professional Zoom Presentations!

(whether it's a Zoom Meeting, Webinar, Virtual Event or a Live Training Program!)

Make 'em go WOW!

In this On Demand Training, you'll...

When your calls and events are more engaging, then you can be more profitable!

I've been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has. When she explained her strategy to me, I thought, "that's just so good!" It's very eye opening in terms of how to approach video. She has been there for me every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have her by my side!
Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield
Top Marketing Strategist & Top Podcast "Online Marketing Made Easy"

What You'll Learn

Create STUNNING Zoom Presentations!

Section 1: Engagement Strategy

Section 2: Tech

Section 3: How To Tutorials


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Luria Petrucci

From BBC to YouTube, Luria has dominated live media platforms for over 17 years. She's a trailblazing live streaming strategist & tech powerhouse, who's especially known for her high engagement rates, fun factors, and expertise on showing up confidently!

Are you ready for more?

This is right for you if you want Zoom presentations that make ‘em go “wowee wow WOW”! 😉

Gain Instant Credibility with mind blowing, professional (and fun!) Zoom Presentations, Meetings, Virtual events or Webinars! 

You’ll learn how to connect software WITH Zoom so you can add a layer of graphics and animations that Zoom CAN NOT do… and GET MORE ENGAGEMENT!
Luria Petrucci

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Zoom does NOT natively allow you to have graphics, overlays or animations. 

In order to achieve the kind of results you CAN have, you'll need a separate software. This training has tutorials on:

  • OBS (free for Mac or PC)
  • Ecamm (Mac only with free trial)
  • vMix (PC only with free trial)

You'll get instant access to the members area, so you'll be able to watch and re-watch as much as you want and on your own time!