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Calls to action are important, and people have been stressing that for years. But just as important is that you do them the right way! You don’t want them to sound spammy, but you do want people to actually DO what you’re asking. How do you manage all that?

Listen to the audio version:

Owen Video is an energy powerhouse, and he brought that charged up personality to our discussion of getting LIVE audiences to respond to a call to action. Here are a few tips:

Platform, People, and Purpose

Keep in mind that all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) have different needs and each should have a slightly different format for maximum effect. Also, that each audience engages with the content in a different way. YouTube is a search-driven environment, where Facebook is all about delivering content the service believes you will like. Finally know WHAT you want your audience to do. That should be in your mind through the whole video. Make that want a clear, simple request.

Ask for viewer input

Owen did something in the video I want to call out: Making a statement and then inviting the viewers to agree, or tell him why they don’t agree, in the comments. LIVE is about interactions, and this gets people used to responding to the host.


Don’t just tell your audience to do something that will benefit you. Show empathy for things they are struggling with and turn your request into something that will help them. Is there something they are having a particular issue with? Give them a link and a free resource to help solve their problem.

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