Overwhelmed by just getting STARTED with LIVE video? Let’s get you on your way!

Luria Petrucci 02.05.2018 2 comments

Getting started in LIVE video can be scary and OVERWHELMING! That’s completely normal! I’ve dealt with it, and so has everyone else you regularly see going LIVE. There are ways to get past the fear and actually make it work for you.

Here are three steps you can use to beat the fear of going LIVE!

1. Clear Your Brain

Clear out the fog of worries, concerns about tech, all of that. Don’t worry about the tech. If you have a relatively modern phone, you’re good to go! Too many people wait for everything to be perfect, and it never will be.

2. Pick Up Your Phone!

That’s your first studio, right there! Your phone! That will get you started and it’s actually something that you should never stop using. Going live in an informal way from your phone should be a part of your strategy no matter what level you reach. So get started with your phone – you’ll be amazed what it can teach you!

3. Go Live!

This is the “Just Do It!” part. Go Live. If you’re nervous about doing a formal show, do a behind the scenes show. Those are super-easy, and you can’t do them wrong! And one more secret… Audiences LOVE behind the scenes shows. So it’s time to do one!

How are you overcoming the fear of going LIVE? I’d love to hear from you in the comments – tell me how it’s going!

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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by just getting STARTED with LIVE video? Let’s get you on your way!”

  1. I love the idea of having a live show, but I don’t know what to even talk about soo much. How do you keep finding subjects to talk about live?

    • Once you unlock the key to content ideas, it’s not hard at all! 🙂 The fact is… you have WAY more to say than you think you do! Three things to keep in mind:

      1) Go basic. It’ll feel very basic to you since you’re an expert in your field. But it’ll be exactly what your audience wants.
      2) Ask your audience want they want help with.
      3) Repeat topics and rephrase ideas.

      This is something we go in depth into during our Start & Grow My LIVE Show program here – https://livestreamingpros.com/start

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