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Need help with something? Let's chat. We'll give you an outside perspective in 15 minutes and help guide you in the right direction to get over your hurdle.

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15 Minute Consultation Sessions

Need some guidance on:

  • How to use LIVE video in your business?
  • Strategic decisions
  • A technical problem you're having on your LIVE streams?

… or ANYTHING else when it comes to LIVE and your brand!

You have our full attention. Ask us anything you want.

The Details:

We'll do a video call on Zoom and can share our screen (you can too!) if needed. The call will be recorded so you can watch it back if you need a little memory jog!

AJ Rivera
Fitness Business Mentor

Luria thank you guys so much! Thanks to you, I've tripled the amount of viewers I'm getting regularly. I'm getting better, more qualified leads, and I'm averaging 10 new subscribers to my YouTube channel everyday. Can't thank you guys enough!"

(15 minute session)

Heather Dopson

When I was tasked with starting a live broadcast for GoDaddy, I knew I needed to find the best of the best to help me. I did a lot of research and found there were a lot of people talking about 'live' but had just kind of jumped on the bandwagon. What I loved so much about Luria and Dave of Live Streaming Pros is the depth and breadth of their combined experience. Dave and Luria have been broadcasting live longer then most people have been on Facebook. Their guidance and training was absolutely essential into getting our show off the ground and they continue to be a valuable trusted resource for us."

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