Critique a Week: Nick Ellison

Luria Petrucci 10.19.2016 0 comments

Nick Ellison, an entrepreneur, photographer, and video creator from the UK, asked us to do a critique of his website, videos, and Facebook page. Now you get to learn along with Nick as we look at what’s working and what can be improved!

Titles that draw people in

If you have videos shown on your site as thumbnails, make sure they have interesting titles that will pull people in and let them know what they will gain from clicking. Don’t just have your show name and episode number for each one. Your title is a chance to tell your viewers why they’ll benefit from spending time watching your video.

Branding with an intro video

Nick uses an intro video on his “Nick’s World” videos, and we really like that. It’s great branding and becomes even more important if you do more than one show (as Nick does). We also like the logo in the corner (called a “bug”) which continues the branding and lets people instantly identify your shows.

The rule of thirds

Nick betrays his photography experience with excellent video frame composition using the rule of thirds to position himself in a more eye-catching way than simple centering would.

Consistent branding

Nick gets major points with his consistent branding as he uses the same logo across his site, his videos, and his Facebook page.

Design your Facebook for mobile!

Facebook puts the majority of their attention into the mobile experience, and that’s not a bad tip for all the rest of us doing designs that will display on Facebook. If you design with mobile as your first concern, it looks great there, AND on the desktop!

Great work Nick! There are a few areas for improvement, but overall, we were impressed!

If you’d like us to do a critique like this of your show, just let us know!

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