New features for Facebook Groups!

Luria Petrucci 08.05.2017 0 comments

Are you using Facebook Groups to give your community a home? If you aren’t you should! The Live Streaming Pros Facebook Group is an awesome place where people support each other and help everyone to grow as live streamers. And Groups just got better with the addition of some new features. Let’s take a look!

Scheduled posts

One new feature is the ability to schedule posts to a group. These are just regular posts (photos, or something written) not live video (yet). But still, very useful if you’re trying to keep things steadily rolling forward in a group.

Easier access to settings

Settings like selections for camera and mic have always been available, but not super-easy to find. They have just recently moved them down from the top bar into the area to the right of the LIVE preview window to make those easier to find. And easier is better!

RTMP integration in Groups

RTMP is a way to pipe your live signal from your system to Facebook Groups. Previously you could only do this through Wirecast, but now it’s opened up to a wider list of production software options.

Group Insights

If you’ve ever dived into Facebook’s “Insights” feature, you know about the wealth of information it can give you about activity of people on your Page which posts, are most popular, times that your audience is most active, etc. Facebook has now brought those analysis tools to Groups, so you can see charts for member growth, people’s reactions to your posts, and lots of other cool and useful stuff, all applied to your Group!

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0 thoughts on “New features for Facebook Groups!”

  1. Hi Luria, I am setting up a facebook-page to do livestreams. I have added a shopping button. Next facebook wants me to make a GROUP page to invite new members. But… this is a complete new page, so now I get confused. On the group-page there is no possibility to make a shopping button and beside, when I decide to stream on both pages, I will get TWO chats instead of one. What’s wisdom here? Greetings, Olivier

    • Setting up a Group is an entirely different set of efforts. So I would do a lot of research on using Groups to grow an audience before diving in. Amy Porterfield and Screw the Nine to Five are both fantastic resources for this!

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