NEW Facebook LIVE Watch Platform! What you need to know for LIVE Videos!

Luria Petrucci 08.14.2017 0 comments

Facebook has a new platform called Watch, and it looks very exciting for creators of LIVE video. Do you know what you need to be doing to take full advantage of Watch? That’s what this show is all about!

Watch recognizes the power of video delivered as sequential episodes. And it makes it easier for your viewers to see every episode you produce, in the order you make them, in a way that lets your audience watch them when and how it works best for them.

Watch is a completely new app that lets you set up watchlists of shows you love so much that you want to see every episode of them. You can set up that standing list in the app and they’ll be there ready when you are!

Each show ends with a “Watch Next” video, which will be the next one in that show’s sequence. Binge watching comes to Facebook Live! And that’s huge for keeping and building an audience. I’m -hoping- this means that we’ll also have the ability to schedule LIVE shows further into the future than we can now. That seems to make sense if they want to help build watchlists of LIVE shows.

Discovery is also going to be a big emphasis in the new app, that will help spread the word about shows in a very Facebook, sharing what other people are enjoying, sort of way.

They are also introducing Show Pages that will give your show its own place on Facebook, separate from your business page. Depending on exactly what it’s like when that reaches us, that could be huge for all of us who make LIVE videos, at the very least giving us a choice over which Page will serve us best.

This is all going through the standard, slow rollout that we always see from Facebook, and yeah, it’s mainly the celebrities that are getting it now. But it will eventually reach everyone! So be ready to jump on when it becomes an option for you!

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