New Facebook LIVE features! Advertising, video boosting, and discovery!

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Facebook is rolling out several new features! Will they be useful to you? That’s what this show is about.

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New Facebook Discovery features on iPhone

Facebook has a new iOS app – it’s the iOS version of the app that rolled out to Android a while back. A nice addition in the new version is a Live discovery tool. When someone you are subscribed to goes live, you’ll see a little indicator of that on their pictures. Also, your Notifications will now show you a sampling of people you are subscribed to who have gone live in the last 24 hours. But coolest of all is that the discovery section is now displaying users you don’t follow who are now live. The algorithm hasn’t quite figured out what I’m interested in yet, so most of the stuff here is not stuff I’m that will grab me, but I have to expect the algorithm will get better as it learns my likes and dislikes. Right now the Discovery section is just displaying verified Pages. We don’t know what’s required for Pages to get to this section, but hopefully this will move beyond Facebook partners. Also, this seems to be US-only for now.

In-stream advertising on Facebook videos

Facebook is currently testing in-stream ads. They’ve been doing this for a while, but they seem to have picked it up. A big question (that we don’t have an answer for yet) is how much control creators will have. Will the ads just interrupt at a certain time, like 5 minutes in, or will creators be able to set an insert point. Creators are excited about this, but realistically, most won’t have enough views to make the money notable. Looking at YouTube, only a fraction of the accounts posting videos with ads are really making good money. You need a HUGE number of views before outside advertising like that pays off.

Boosting Live Videos on Facebook

Maybe more exciting than in-stream ads is boosting of live streams, while shows are live. That hasn’t been possible before. Boosting can be useful, but it’s very important that you’re boosting to the people who are your target market. Just greater raw numbers isn’t valuable in itself, but boosting to the RIGHT audience is very exciting!

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