Mobile LIVE Video Q&A!

Luria Petrucci 05.29.2017 0 comments

Have questions about mobile LIVE video? Going live from your phone, as so many people do? Even if you do your main LIVE show from a Level 3 or Level 4 setup, you need to be using your phone as well, for those out in the world Life Streams that are so important for building a bond with your community. So whether you do all your streams from your phone, or just your Life Streams, you want them to look and sound their best. And people’s questions about how to do that are what we’re tackling in this show.

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0 thoughts on “Mobile LIVE Video Q&A!”

  1. Hi Luria,

    I’ve followed you since the Cali Lewis days. I’m curious, I’ve tested the video and audio on my iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2. The video is a really good quality, but I’m not able to get the same clean sound you did with the “phone only” video. Are you using some kind of software filter after taking the video to eliminate any white noise?


    • Thanks, Bernard! There’s no filter, but I’m in a room (the studio) that’s designed to remove echo. A few things you can do in your room is carpet or blankets. Do what you can to remove echo from the space. Or move to a different room if needed. I’m also sitting pretty close to the phone – too far and you’ll definitely hear it! 🙂

      • Thanks Luria. There must then be a lot if white noise in my office building. For now I’m planning to do level 2 streaming. So, if I can’t remove the noise floor I might just have to live with it.

        • Well, with Level 2, you can target the audio a little better too. For example, if you’re having that much trouble, then go with a Lapel instead of a boom mic. Are you a part of the 5 Day Challenge? I have a Gear Guide in there!

          • Yes, I have signed up for the 5 day challenge, but was just waiting for the equipment to arrive. Now have 2x audio-technical ATR2100, tripod + holding clip for iPhone and iPad. Boom stand with pop filters being delivered today. I’ll be looking into getting a good grip and the lav mics as in the gear guide. I’m planning to start the challenge in the next couple of days. I don’t think I’ll be able to sound proof the office I’m in. Will a foam ball help together with the pop filter, or not enough to bother adding it?

            Thanks for responding to my questions. I appreciate it.

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